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What is an electric bike?

In Quebec, an electric bike is described by the SAAQ as follows:

“A Bicycle must be equipped with the following characteristics to be considered an electric bicycle:

– Have an electric motor (not gasoline), that doesn’t exceed 500 watts and has a rechargeable battery.

– When the driver doesn’t use the electric motor, the electric bicycle must allow pedalling like a conventional bicycle.

– Have handlebars and pedals.

– Have 2 or 3 wheels that are in contact with the ground.”

Do you need a license to drive an electric bike?

In Quebec, no license or registration is required for those 18 and over in order to drive an electric bike, although the class 6D driving license is compulsory for people between 14 and 17 years old. The minimum age to drive an e-bike is 14 years old.

For more information, see the SAAQ website regarding electric bike registration:

Do I have to wear a helmet when riding an e-bike?

According to the Quebec Highway Safety Code, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding an electric bike.

Do I have to pedal to get assistance on my e-bike?

For class 1 electric bikes, yes. Electric assistance is activated by the sensor (torque or cadence) once the user makes a turn or puts force on the pedals.

Can I ride my e-bike like I would ride a standard bike?

Yes. You have the option of not activating the assistance and riding your e-bike like a traditional bike. There are several assistance modes, including the unassisted mode. You can activate the assistance of your electric bike at any time and at the desired level, by touching the control.

Can I use the cycle paths with my electric bike?

Yes, since e-bikes are considered bicycles. However, you must respect the speed limit of the cycle path.

How far can I travel with my electric bike?

This answer has many equations and variables, so there is no quoted distance for any bike. In short, the answer is approx. 40 km to 120 km of distance on a single battery charge.

Batteries come in different sizes, which can be thought of different strengths or how much energy they can hold. Motors also come in different strengths, and the larger (more powerful) motor requires more energy.

Electric assist bicycles usually have the choice of different levels of assistance, and the greater the assistance, the more energy is used. Other variables include rider weight, terrain and elevation, number of stops and starts, and smoothness of rider pedalling. By using a higher level of assistance, one may expect a shorter range of 40-50 km out of one battery charge, while on a lower level of assistance and minimal elevation, gains can yield up to 120 km of riding range.

What is the maximum speed that can be reached with an electric bike?

According to the Quebec Highway Safety Code, the maximum speed allowed is 32 km/h. The system stops working when it reaches this speed. The cyclist, on the other hand, can reach a faster speed by pedalling or descending a slope, but the motor cannot be manufactured to go faster than the 32 km/h required by law.

How much does an electric bike weigh?

An electric bike weighs between 20 and 30 kg (44 and 66 lb) depending on the model.

At Quantum, the lightest e-bike is the Quantum Broadway, which is a 20.4 kg foldable e-bike.

How can I protect my e-bike from theft?

It is recommended that you park your e-bike indoors as soon as possible. If you must leave it outside, use a good padlock and make sure the frame, front wheel, and rear wheel are securely fastened. Remove the battery if possible. Quantum recommends Kryptolock and Abus padlocks.

Can I ride in the rain with my electric bike?

Yes, you can certainly use your electric bike in the rain since its battery is protected by a waterproof case. However, it is recommended to wipe the connectors thoroughly before connecting the bike to the charger.

Are studded tires required to ride my e-bike during the winter season?

It’s not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended, especially if you’re driving around town. Studded tires will give your e-bike better grip on ice and in curves.


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