Classic Dutch style brought to the world of electric bikes

Endless fun and adventure awaits you with Royal Dutch Gazelle bikes. Since 1892, this world-renowned company has been designing and manufacturing bicycles. Their electric bikes adhere to three criteria: a smooth ride, intelligent design, and robust quality. It is in the city of Dieren that Royal Dutch Gazelle produces over 275,000 bikes per year, employing 350 people in the process. Premium quality is to be expected when the name Gazelle is mentioned, who have methodically built a sterling reputation in the industry. 

It has become an industry staple, known for its reliability, its Dutch design, and its quality. Gazelle Bikes has gained its “Royal” title in 1992 by Princess Margriet during their centenary celebrations, for the commitment to making cycling safe, accessible, and enjoyable to all. Royal Dutch Gazelle has won many prestigious design and safety awards, securing its leading position on the international market of eBikes.

rethinking cycling with Gazelle bikes

No challenge is too great for a Gazelle eBike. Climb a daunting hill with ease, arrive fresh and relaxed at work, or cycle casually through the countryside. Gazelle electric bikes feature low motor positioning, which gives the ride a stable and responsive feel. Their lightweight pedal-assist eBikes come in wide range of styles and colors so you can find the electric bike that fits your aesthetic preference. The robust Bosch mid-mounted motor is ideal for day-to-day trips as well as long distances. With torque ranging from 50 Nm up to a maximum of 63 Nm, it provides assistance not only on flat, but also on hilly terrain. 

The first-class groupset including Shimano XT, Bosch Performance line and ergonomically-shaped handlebar grips enable sporty performance to be achieved. The Ultimate T10 HMB is delightfully stable on the road thanks to the battery and motor integration plus the rigidity of the frame. The dynamic design, high level of comfort and excellent handling make this bike the ideal companion for long recreational trips.

In 2019, this electric assist bicycle has won the prestigious iF design in the "Product" category for its style, safety, and functionality.

Enjoy the optimum comfort on this eBike, thanks to the lightweight suspension in the front fork and seat post.

Gazelle Arroyo C8 bike with the extra powerful and silent Bosch mid-mounted motor is ideal for day-to-day trips as well as long distance rides. The motor provides effortless assistance with a torque of 50 Nm, on both flat and hilly terrain.

Due to the low position of the mid-engine, every Gazelle bike with a Bosch mid-motor has excellent maneuverability and handling. 

  • Extra-powerful and very quiet Bosch mid-mounted motor
  • Wide tires for extra comfort and better bike handling
  • Lights with extra-powerful beams for even greater visibility

The Gazelle NL C8 electric bike is your traditional Dutch-style eBike. It features the lightweight aluminum ‘step-thru’ frame that is available in 46, 49 or 54 cm sizes. 


  • Selle Royal Gipsy saddle in tow, with a balanced weight distribution, for a comfortable ride
  • Bosch Intuvia LCD display allows you to seamlessly manage the level of assistance you desire. 4 modes are available to the rider: Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo
  • An 8 speed Shimano derailleur for simple yet effective gear switching
  • The classics of Dutch design: integrated lights, chain and rim guards
  • 10-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on the electronic components

The classic Dutch bicycle takes a modern turn. A typical Dutch design has been modernized to suit our urban needs. A ‘step-thru’, lightweight aluminum frame is available in 46, 49, 53 or 57 cm sizes.


Bosch Mid-Drive Performance motor will allow you to conquer hilly, flat, or urban terrains with ease. The Bosch Performance Line ‘Li-ion’ 500 Wh battery will keep its charge for over 150 Km (in Eco mode).


  • Shimano Nexus 8 integrated derailleur allows you to effortlessly switch gears.
  • A Selle Royale Herz saddle will ensure comfort for the duration of your ride
  • 10-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on the electronic components.

Feel secure and safe on the road on this all-round eBike. Time to set off on another adventure together!

  • Spacious step-through frame for great stability
  • Quick adjust stem for optimal comfort
  • Powerful Shimano Steps mid-motor
  • Extensive range with 504Wh battery
  • Powerful Magura hydraulic brakes
  • Suspension front fork and seat post for optimal comfort

The Medeo is one of Gazelle bikes that would take you everywhere. The low-step active frame and comfortable geometry combined with the powerful Bosch Active Line Plus motor and 9-speed derailleur makes every hill feel as flat as Holland.

With plenty of color options, this is a true daily companion that does the job: enjoy every mile of the ride.

  • Low-step frame for great stability
  • Suspension front fork for optimal comfort
  • Shimano Deore 9-speed with Shimano Acera shifters
  • Powerful Magura hydraulic brakes with quick adjust
  • Powerful Bosch Active Line Plus mid-motor
  • Extensive range with 400Wh battery

This eBike features a lightweight mid-step aluminum frame with sporty geometry. It places you in an aggressive riding position for precise and maneuverable cycling performance.


Reach your destination at lightning speed and with minimum effort, thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance Line mid-drive electric motor. The Bosch electric mid-mounted motor is ideal for daily trips as well as long distances. With torque ranging from 50 Nm up to a maximum of 60 Nm, it provides assistance on both flat and hilly terrain. 


  • Lightweight, maneuverable commuter electric bike
  • Integrated battery for a tough and robust appearance
  • Most powerful Bosch Performance mid-motor with support up to 32kms/hour
  • Extensive range with 500Wh concealed battery
  • Powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

The Gazelle Tour Populair, the very model that marked the start of Gazelle’s history. Over 125 years old, the Gazelle Tour Populair won over the hearts of the Dutch and birthed Amsterdam’s bike culture. The eye-catching design is known as a classic, and the black glossy paint gives the bike a clean and simple feel that is ageless. 

Styled throughout, down to the last detail. An inlaid head tube, lines on the mudguards, authentic varnished fabric and even the white mudguard section: you can feel that it’s full of character.

  • Classic steel frame

  • Hand painted details on fenders and headset

  • Delightfully relaxed seating position with traditional Brooks leather saddle and hand stitched grips

  • Fitted with a traditional Brooks leather saddle

With a Gazelle bicycle in tow, hours of adventure and leisure are in store!