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powerful, elegant, and reliable - best folding bikes, designed IN MONTREAL

Quantum’s goal is to create powerful but elegant folding electric bikes in order to redefine cities and the way we commute.  

Whether your apartment has limited storage, or your commute also includes trains or buses, a folding eBike can be easily integrated into your daily transportation needs.

It can be easily folded into a compact and portable form that can fit in the trunk of a car or carried up the stairs. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, allowing a rider to easily lift and carry a bike with them.

folding eBike

Our folding electric bikes are designed to be a reliable mode of transportation. They will not only get you from A to B, but also ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride along the way. In addition, the motor-assisted bicycle will save you time and energy, allowing you to go further distances and up hills with little effort. 

We designed our folding bike to be highly versatile and suitable to all types of commuters. You can adjust the seat and the handlebars  – no tools required. We guarantee that you will not be the only one in your family who would enjoy  riding a Quantum eBike!

  • The majority of CR18 components are fabricated in aluminium, weighing a mere 19 Kgs.
  • The electric console enables you to attain speeds of 32 KM/hr.
  • This folding bike comes with 2.8 Kenda tires, each of which have a reflective band.
  • A 10.4 Amp LG battery fits neatly inside the frame of this bicycle.  A full charge provides 55 kms of autonomy.
  • 350 watt rear wheel motor allows for a fast and efficient propulsion start.
  • The aforementioned electric console has 9 speeds. This allows the user to comfortably control the exact  speed he/she would like to ride at. 
  • This folding bike occupies a space of 91 cm length by 46 cm width, and 66 cm in height. 
  • The battery comes with a USB outlet, doubling as a valuable charging station for your smartphone or other electronic devices.
  • The bike comes with a 6 speed Shimano derailleur as well as a luggage rack, and finally, Tektro brakes that immediately cut off the motor once applied.

  • The new design of the stem and handlebars provide a relaxed upright position for an easy and comfortable ride.
  • The handlebars come with ergonomic grip for greater palm support.
  • The height of the stem and the seat, as well as the angle of the handlebars, can be adjusted. No tools required.
  • Ultra-low entry step through frame – only 30 cm from the ground.
  • Rear rack, fenders, and kickstand are included as standard equipment.
  • The 6061 aluminium frame is incredibly lightweight, allowing a rider to easily lift and carry the folding bike with them.
  • Broadway’s 350W Bafang motor is powerful and energy efficient, ensuring fast acceleration and consistent speed.
  • The 36V battery allows 45-55 km average range, perfect for the daily city commutes or nice weekend rides in the city or park.  
  • The Walk Assist feature allows the rider to walk alongside the eBike without the weight of the bike and at speeds of 8km/hour. 
  • The D&E Smart headlamp is controlled through the display and powered through the battery, providing bright and reliable lighting. You will always be visible when riding at night.
  • Powerful Tektro disc brakes for reliable and safe stopping power, even in wet conditions.
  • It takes less than 10 seconds and 4 steps to fold the bike - no tools required!
  • The frame has an integrated handle that allows you to easily carry the eBike, folded or not!

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quantum's story

At Quantum eBikes, we are passionate about electric assist bicycles. Founded by Robert Guimond in 2015, our mission has been to demystify the electric bicycle and make them accessible to all. We believe there is an eBike model for everyone and it is our mission to find the right one for you. Part of our job in this emerging market is to educate customers on the advantages of folding electric bikes, a highly enjoyable and ecologically sound method of transportation. Ideal for the city where the storage space is often limited.