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Business hours:*

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 17pm
  • Sunday and Monday: Closed


Since 2015, QUANTUM eBikes has been at the forefront of the electric bike industry in Quebec and Canada. Our Montreal shop is fully equipped with grade A European eBike brands, and our experts at our Montreal store are ready to match you to the best eBike to suit your needs and specifications. 

Gepida, O2feel, Stromer, Riese & Muller – our stock of the “crème de la crème” of European electric bikes assures you that there is a bike at our store for everyone, no matter how or where you ride. 

Our exceptional customer service is the reason why we are the most trusted eBike retailer in Quebec. We pay close attention to your needs, riding style, and chosen terrain (among other things), and pair you with a bike that feels like it was made specifically for you. 

Conveniently located right next to the Lachine Canal bike path and the Atwater Market, we offer demo rides of our bikes to help you in the decision making process. Our shop is also connected to Montreal’s expansive bicycle path network, making it easy to get from A to B efficiently while having fun! 

Come by our shop, or call us to see what Quantum is all about! You can also visit our online store to see our vast stock of bikes, accessories, and more. 

*Business hours subject to change during peak and off peak seasons. Please check our website.

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eBikes Peterborough: Shop by Styles

In the search of an electric bike in Peterborough ? Browse our categories of ebikes waiting just for you:

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Top 4 - eBikes for Peterborough

Gepida Bonum Edge Nexus 8

The Bonum Edge Nexus 8 is Gepida’s world-class all rounder eBike. The Bonum Edge is nimble and quick, while simultaneously remaining comfortable and casual. The frame’s neat presentation cloaks powerful Bosch components, such as an Active Line Plus motor with 50nm of torque and a 500 W lithium battery. Its simplicity is underlined with effortless gear shifting with the Shimano Nexus 8 hub – just an easy turn of the wrist! Comes with 26” or 28” wheels. The Nexus 8 is definitely one of the best ebikes Peterborough.

Also, discover the Bonum Edge Nexus 8 – Wheel size 26″.

Vélo électrique Gepida Bonum Edge Nexus 8
Gepida Bonum Edge Nexus 8 - Wheel size 28"

O2feel iSwan City 8.1

Cycle with style and precision, with the O2feel iSwan City Boost 8.1! The iSwan’s polished black frame combined with premium comfort make for an irresistible electric bike Peterborough.

The powerful, yet quiet Shimano E6100 motor and Gates carbon belt render the iSwan virtually silent. The iSwan 8.1 prides itself on automatic gear shifting via the Shimano Nexus 8 Di2, which takes gear changes out of your hands so you can focus on riding and taking in the scenery!

Comes with 26” or 28” wheels. Discover the O2feel iSwan City 8.1 – Wheel size 26″ or O2 feel iSwan – High step.

O2feel exclusively at QUANTUM in Canada.

Electric bicycle O2feel iSwan City Boost 8.1 Low frame
O2feel iSwan City Boost 8.1 - Wheel size 28" - Low step
Urban bike O2feel iSwan iSwan City Boost 8.1 Mid-step frame
O2feel iSwan City Boost 8.1 - High step

Riese & Müller Nevo4

The Mercedes-Benz of the eBike industry, Riese & Muller, presents the supreme hybrid bike experience, the Nevo4! Its robust and sleek aluminum frame is ready for terrain, any day of the week in Peterborough. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor, 625W lithium battery, and Shimano Deore derailleur system delivers razor precision and power in a sophisticated package. The electric bike Nevo4 is also customizable – in red, dark grey matt and white color ways, an option of 750W battery configuration for longer autonomy, and smartphone cockpit display!

Shop all Riese & Muller Electric bikes in stock.

Riese and Muller eBikes Nevo4 Dark grey
Riese & Müller Nevo4 GT

Stromer ST2

Stromer’s ST2 electric bike is the most thrilling commuter bike experience for the tech-inclined client. Powered by Stromer’s house brand 750W motor and 618W lithium battery, these powerful components are no match for the challenges the city poses. The ST2 is equipped with a built-in GPS, as well as Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, leaving no stone unturned in meeting your tech requirements. It is also the first Stromer model to feature the no-fuss, low maintenance Gates carbon belt! By far one of the best choices if you’re looking for a versatile ebike in Peterborough.

Shop all Stromer bikes.

Stromer ST2 Sport Dark grey
Stromer ST2

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eBikes Peterborough - FAQ

Yes – according to the Ontario government, it is required to wear a helmet while riding an electric bike in Peterborough and the rest of Ontario.

No license is required to ride an electric bicycle in Peterborough and Ontario. However, if the pedals of the bike are removed, it is then considered a motor vehicle which requires a license, insurance and registration to operate.

You sure can use the cycle paths in Peterborough ! You must however respect the same rules of the road as other cyclists.

The autonomy of a lithium battery on an electric bike in Peterborough varies depending on certain factors, such as gear-shifting habits, type of road surface, power assistance level, tire pressure, weight, etc. Considering these factors, you can still expect roughly 40 to 100 km (25 – 60 miles) of usage if your battery is at full charge before riding.

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3 reasons to ride an electric bike in Peterborough

Stay fit!

Go farther, faster, and for longer with an ebike Peterborough !

Whether it’s a hybrid bike, road bike, mountain bike, or fat bike, cycling is an amazing form of aerobic exercise.

With electric bikes in Peterborough, the added benefit of a motor and lithium-ion battery can help assist all kinds of people to reach their fitness goals and beyond.

And with assistance comes more consistent exercise, which does wonders for your physical and mental well-being. Enhance your mobility in Peterborough with an electric bike!

Save money on gas

In an age of overinflated gas prices, eBikes Peterborough can help alleviate financial stress!

A good, quality eBike might seem like a lot of money upfront.

However, there are no insurance or registration fees, low maintenance costs, fantastic electrical autonomy, and a newfound sense of mobility.

Given these clear advantages, the amount of money you save from an electric bicycle in Peterborough compared to a car is monumental! 

Get anywhere!

Not only does going farther on an eBike improve fitness and financial security, but it also allows you to dig into your inner explorer and discover new territory around Peterborough.

The assistance from the motor and battery (or even the addition of a second battery) can drastically extend your autonomy, allowing you to see places you only thought were possible by car.

Come by our shops or visit our online store to see our electric bicycle stock today!

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Bike paths in Peterborough

Lakefield Trail

The Lakefield Trail, also known as the Lakefield Rotary Greenway Trail, is a nearly 15 km gravel path along an old CN line. This beautiful out and back path is a continuation of the Peterborough Greenway Trail, and offers scenic views showcasing the beauty of Ontario! The main access points to this trail are from Beavermead Park, Roger’s Cove Park, through Auburn Street and at the north end of Armour Road. 

Electric Bike Peterborough

Hastings Trail to Keene

The Lang Hastings Trail is a section of the larger Trans Canada Trail, and is located in the Kawartha region of Ontario. This beautiful multi-use green trail runs between Peterborough and Hastings, can be used for running, hiking, walking and cycling! From downtown Peterborough, it takes approximately an hour via the Lang Hastings Trail to complete the 17 km trip to the city of Keene, Ontario. Whether on a touring bike, a fat bike, or a hybrid bike, you’re in for an absolute treat of a ride on the Hastings Trail! 

Doube's Trestle Bridge

The Doube’s Trestle Bridge is located in a section of the Trans Canada Trail, an expansive 28 000 km network of trails that connects the West Coast to the East Coast of Canada. The famed Doube’s Trestle Bridge is part of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail, a nearly 54 km section near the Peterborough area.

The 650 foot long wooden bridge, formerly linking trains from Peterborough to Lindsay, is suspended nearly 100 feet off the valley floor and offers beautiful sights of the Buttermilk Valley that surrounds the bridge.

Ebikes Peterborough

Harold Town Conservation area

Located about 7 km east of downtown Peterborough, the Harold Town Conservation Area is the place to be for fans of off-roading and mountain biking! Over 10 km of trails are connected to a vast network of trails, fit for beginners and youth, all the way up to the most advanced, thrill-seeking cyclists. The network is composed of a large circular loop of wide open double track trail, and from there connects to other paths with varying levels of climbs, jumps, drops, and turns! 

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