Vélovolt Quantum eBikes et Equiterre

Quantum Paving the way for sustainable mobility

from car to bike

Campaign to test, research and promote

the use of electric bicycles as an alternative to gas-powered vehicles

QUANTUM eBikes is a proud  partner of the Vélovolt campaign, which is being led by Équiterre and l’Association des Centres de gestion des déplacements du Québec (ACGDQ), starting this fall and continuing through 2024.

Vélovolt is being partially financed by the Government of Quebec through its Action-Climat Quebec program, and strives to meet objectives set forth by the 2030 Plan for a Green Economy. 

Équiterre is a renowned and influential organization from Quebec.

Founded in 1993, Equiterre proposes concrete solutions to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and fair society.

Their projets and activities strive to educate the population about sustainable mobility.


Vélovolt is a campaign to test, research and promote the use of alternative transportation – more specifically electric assisted bicycles (eBikes) – with commuters and, ultimately, to reduce greenhouse gasses linked to commuting across the province of Quebec.

The Mobilité de Polytechnique de Montréal research program as well as multiple cities and organizations across Quebec are also partnering in this massive campaign that involves over 40 players in the mobility industry of this province.

Vélovolt Quantum eBikes et Equiterre


The Vélovolt campaign aims to educate the workforce about the use of eBikes in their daily commute through organized test rides in their workplace.

During a two week period, participating employees will be able to use electric bikes in order to get to and from work every day.

For participating organizations, the trial period will last two months and will involve 20 employees.

Altogether, over 1,300 employees from over 40 organizations, spread across 10 regions of Quebec, will be able to experience the advantages of using an eBike thanks to these test rides and another 100,000 workers will be enlightened via other activities, and communications.

Quantum's role

Specialized in this industry, our mission is to demystify eBikes and make them accessible to everyone.

We are perfectly aligned with the objectives of the Vélovolt campaign as we continuously work towards educating the population about the many advantages of electric bikes.

Electric bikes are not only environmentally sustainable, they are also a ton of fun!

We understand that urban mobility is an important societal issue and we are involved in pushing this mission forward by encouraging everybody to adopt this healthy alternative – both for the riders and for the planet!

During the length of the campaign, QUANTUM eBikes will be providing eBikes for everyone involved.

Moreover, at the end of each season, Quantum will allow the participating organizations and riders to purchase the eBikes that were used during the campaign at a great price!

The Gazelle Medeo T9 has been selected for its quality, its comfort, its adaptability and its popularity:

  • Step-through frame offering superior stability
  • Bosch Active Line Plus motor
  • 400Wh battery
  • Hydraulic disc brakes 
  • 9 speeds
  • Front suspension for additional comfort
  • And much, much more …

GAZELLE electric bike

Gazelle has been passionate about building some of the best bikes in the world, for over 125 years. With over 250,00 bikes built each year, their mission is simple: Make cycling fun and accessible to all. 

Gazelle proposes a different way to ride: an upright seating position that’s extremely comfortable. It opens up a world of possibilities.

For Gazelle, quality is of the utmost importance. They constantly innovate their design and manufacturing processes in order to constantly minimize their environmental impact. 

Daily commuting along with Equiterre and Quantum eBikes’s missions all converge towards a shared goal: promoting electric assisted bicycles as the primary means of transportation for commuters wishing to adopt more environmentally friendly mobility.  

“We are proud to unveil this perfect synergy that showcases electric bikes across the beautiful province of Quebec…kudos to Équiterre”

Robert Guimond, President of Quantum.