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Not sure which Ebike is right for you?

There is an eBike for every occasion – whether it is for commuting to work every day, off-road mountain biking, long distance touring, or for cruising down the canal on a weekend. At Quantum eBikes, we are happy to answer all your questions about eBikes and assist you at choosing the electric bike most suitable to your needs. Discover different brands and types of electric assist bikes in the categories below!

In addition, we always encourage our customers to try the bike before purchasing one. You can take it for a spin down the street or for a 20-minute ride along the canal – we want to make sure you feel comfortable and safe on an eBike before you commit to it. 

folding and compact ebike

Whether your apartment has limited storage, or your commute also includes trains or buses, a folding electric bike can be easily integrated into your daily transportation needs. It can be easily folded into a compact and portable form that can fit in the trunk of a car or carried up the stairs. 

Compact eBikes have smaller wheels and a cleverly dimensioned frame, adjustable to every rider. They can be easily stored in your front hall or closet by folding down the handlebars until the next ride, without compromising on comfort and quality.

city electric bike - hybrid bike

Whether you are commuting to work or just want to get around the city we have a great selection of urban eBikes to choose from. Reduce travel times and your carbon footprint with an urban electric bike. These bikes are focused on comfort and practicality and have been designed for daily riding in all weather conditions.

Electric hybrid bike offer sporty and athletic riding through city or country. They offer options such as Control Technology for best traction and perfectly tuned full suspension. These ebikes are perfect for riders who want to go far away or high up. They are ready to conquer the world with agile riding behavior and safe handling. 

mountain ebike

Mountain bikes have been designed for performance-driven riders. Along with the battery and shock absorber, the motor is installed in a particularly low and central position, allowing a level of handling that was previously only possible with un-motorised mountain bikes. Thanks to Control Technology with full suspension, off-road bikes can conquer any terrain. By the time you experience the superb traction, even at low speeds, you’ll be at a loss for words.

tandem electric

Tandem bikes are not a new technology; they’ve been around since the 1890’s. However, our selected tandem eBike is the latest and greatest in eBike technology. If you’re looking to share your rides with someone, this is the bike for you.

cargo ebike

Cargo electric bike has been specifically designed and constructed for transporting larger loads. Whether you are dropping off the kids at school, or making deliveries you can travel in complete safety with your children or goods in any urban environment.

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