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Business hours:*

  • Tuesday to Friday: 10am – 18pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 17pm
  • Sunday and Monday: Closed


Proudly serving since 2015, our store in Montreal has been a staple in the Canadian and Quebecois bike industry specializing in electric bicycles. Our team’s approach of personalized sales has left us with an incredibly satisfied customer base that feels understood and cared for. 

At QUANTUM Montreal, we carry numerous European brands of electric bikes, such as Gazelle, Gepida, o2Feel, and Riese and Muller. We also carry our own line of folding eBikes, the Quantum Broadway. 

Conveniently located directly next to the Lachine Canal cycle path, and in close proximity to numerous bike paths all over Montreal, our store is at the heart of Montreal’s cycling network. 

If you have a desire to try something new and experience cycling in a whole new way, visit us or give us a call!  

*Business hours subject to change during peak and off peak seasons. Please check our website.

Quantum ebikes

Top 10 Best eBikes for Ottawa

Gazelle Medeo T9

The Gazelle Medeo T9 is an amazing introduction to the world of Dutch electric bikes.

Kitted with a powerful Bosch Active Line Plus motor with 50 nm of torque, precise Shimano BL-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes, a Suntour suspension front fork, and an elegant low-step frame, the Medeo T9 delivers on your needs and beyond, all the while in ease and comfort in Ottawa.  

Also, shop the Gazelle Medeo T9 – High step.

Gazelle Medeo T9 Champion red eBike
Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB - Low step
e bike Gazelle Medeo T9 Dust High step
Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB - High step

Gazelle Medeo T10

If you’re looking for a Gazelle in the Medeo line, but seek more power and flexibility in terrain, the T10 is for you.

The Gazelle Medeo T10 boasts an impressive Bosch Performance Line motor with 65 nm of torque, a 500W integrated Bosch battery, a 10-speed Shimano Deore derailleur system, as well as a 2 piston Suntour suspension front fork. 

The sheer quality of the Medeo T10 is undisputed and is one of the best electric bikes Ottawa.

Also, shop the Gazelle Medeo T10 – High step.

Gazelle Electric bike Medeo T10 Ivory
Gazelle Medeo T10 HMB - Mid step
ebike Gazelle Medeo T10 Dust High step
Gazelle Medeo T10 HMB - High step

Gepida Bonum Edge Nexus 8

Introducing Gepida’s dynamic all-rounder, the Bonum Edge Nexus 8.

Taking from their slogan “the road is only an option”, this Bosch equipped bike touts an Active Line Plus motor and 500W battery, as well as a Shimano Nexus 8 internal hub system and a Suntour front suspension. 

The Bonum Edge Nexus 8 guarantees a smooth biking experience and comfort in all terrain, whether in Ottawa center, the countryside, or everything in between. 

Also, shop the Bonum Edge Nexus 8 – Wheel size 26″.

Vélo électrique Gepida Bonum Edge Nexus 8
Gepida Bonum Edge Nexus 8 - Wheel size 28"

Gepida Ruga Pro Deore 12

Confidently scale mountainous terrain with the Gepida Ruga ProPowered by the top of the line Bosch Performance Line CX motor, you can rest assured that the Ruga Pro can propel you up hills and rocky landscapes with ease. 

Thanks to a 12 speed drivetrain and responsive Shimano hydraulic brakes, you can jet up and down bumpy hillsides without any trouble, and stop on a dime. 

Conquer the mountain with the Gepida Ruga Pro! 

Gepida Mountain Electric bike Ruga Pro Vélo de montagne électrique Gepida
Gepida Ruga Pro Deore 12 Mountain eBike

O2feel iSwan City 8.1

A new addition to the Quantum eBikes family, O2Feel is uncompromising in delivering the ideal urban bike, the iSwan City 8.1.

Bold geometry with sophisticated black sheen seduces all who lay eyes on it. The iSwan’s automatic gear transmission transforms a grinding commute into an effortless adventure. 

Along with the Shimano E6100 motor and the carbon belt rendering the iSwan virtually silent, this bike is the perfect fit for anyone wishing to beat the commute in style and have fun.    

Also, shop the O2feel iSwan City 8.1 – Wheel size 26″ or O2 feel iSwan – High step.

O2feel exclusively at Quantum in Canada.

Electric bicycle O2feel iSwan City Boost 8.1 Low frame
O2feel iSwan City Boost 8.1 - Wheel size 28" - Low step
Urban bike O2feel iSwan iSwan City Boost 8.1 Mid-step frame
O2feel iSwan City Boost 8.1 - High step

Gazelle Ultimate C380

No corners were cut while producing the new Gazelle Ultimate C380. The C380’s sleek, cutting-edge design paired with world-class Bosch Performance Line (75Nm) power ensures a smooth and effortless ride in any condition.

Along with an Enviolo 380 system hub, a carbon belt, and a low step frame, power and comfort are linked hand in hand. It’s too easy to fly through the day with the Ultimate C380!

Gazelle Ultimate C380 Denim blue gloss 625wh Bosch battery
Gazelle Ultimate C380 with 625Wh battery - Low step

Riese & Müller Roadster

The Riese & Muller Roadster is luxury in motion.

This eBike Ottawa delivers huge power in a slim frame – sporting a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a 625W battery, the Roadster effortlessly weaves you from the office, the grocery store, and back home, all without a sweat on your brow. 

Urban cycling has never been quicker or more agile with the Riese & Muller Roadster.

Shop the Roadster in black matte or gray matt, and the Roadster Mixte, in crystal white or slavia matte.

Shop all Riese & Müller bikes.

Women Electric bicycle Roadster Mixte
Riese & Müller Roadster Mixte
Electric Bike Riese and Muller Roadster Grey
Riese & Müller Roadster

Gepida Thoris Voyage XT 10 Tandem

Share the joy of cycling with someone you love, with the Gepida Tandem.

Where state of the art design and comfortable geometry meet, this electric tandem bicycle is perfect for those who want to cycle in a pair, with Bosch assistance. Kitted with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and two 500W batteries, nowhere is too far when synchronized on the Gepida Tandem!

Gepida Tandem Bike
Gepida Thoris Voyage XT 10 Tandem Electric Bike

Stromer ST3

The electric bike Stromer ST3 is the no compromise & premium commuter experience for Ottawa.

Getting from A to B feels like a breeze, with Stromer’s proprietary driving system and the Kinekt suspension seatpost rendering you weightless. Equipped with integrated smart technology and mobile phone connectivity, the ST3 is a no-brainer for any tech-loving cyclist who wishes to explore the metropolis with style and efficiency. 

Shop all Stromer bikes.

Stromer ST3 Black eBike
Stromer ST3

Riese & Müller Homage

Ultimate comfort and safety was the top priority when designing the Riese & Muller Homage.

The Homage prides itself on its Riese and Muller Control Technology, which includes front and rear suspension and a low step frame, providing an unparalleled riding experience. Powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a 625W battery, this gentle giant is perfect whether you’re in the city or in the country!

Electric Bike Riese Muller Homage White
Riese & Müller Homage GT

Quantum ebikes

Electric Bikes Ottawa : Shop by Styles

Quantum ebikes

EBike Ottawa - FAQ

The Ontario government describes an electric bike as follows:

A power-assisted bicycle, also called an electric bicycle or e-bike, is a bicycle with an electric motor that has:

  • a handlebar for steering
  • working pedals
  • two or three wheels
  • an electric motor
  • braking systems

However, if you take the pedals off an electric bike, it should then follow the same regulation as electric scooters.

No, you do not need a license to use an electric bike in Ottawa nor for electric scooters.

The minimum age to ride an electric bike in Ontario is 16 years old.

Yes – according to the government of Ontario, it is mandatory to use a helmet when biking an electric bike Ottawa.
You can find plenty of accessories for more safety in our store.

Yes! eBikes Ottawa are still considered bicycles, so they can be used on cycle paths. However, you must still respect the rules and speed limits of the path.
In addition, it is prohibited to cycle on sidewalks with electric bikes Ottawa or e scooters.

The maximum speed Class 1 eBikes can reach is 32 km/h (roughly 20 mph) in Ontario. You can go faster by pedaling or riding downhill, but the manufacturer is unable to provide electrical assistance past 32km/h.

At Quantum, we sell exclusively Class 1 electric bikes. Class 1 electric bikes are eBikes that are pedal assist only, no throttle, with a maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 mph).

The weight of the eBikes Ottawa we carry at Quantum range from around 20-30 kilos (roughly 44-66 lbs), much less than a regular electric bicycle.

The lightest electric bike we sell at our stores is the Quantum Broadway, weighing at roughly 20 kilos (44 lbs).

There are many variables that add or subtract from an e bike’s autonomy, so there is no one precise answer. In general however, our eBikes have a range of up to an impressive 120km (75 miles) of distance on full battery charge.

Batteries and motors come in different sizes, which can also be thought of as different strengths, or how much energy they can hold. Larger motors are more powerful, but need more energy. These can affect the Ottawa bike’s autonomy on a general level, which is why there is no standardized range for power-assisted bikes.

Our e bikes also have different levels of assistance. These range from an economic setting which uses less power, for more distance up to 120km, all the way up to a turbo mode, which uses the maximum power of the motor, for less distance around 40km-50km.

Yes you can. The battery and motor are both protected by waterproof cases, though it is recommended to wipe down the connectors thoroughly before charging the bike.

Electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries, and have peak performance of around 500 charge cycles – they can last even longer if they’re well maintained.

Battery usage is measured in charge cycles. As an example, if a battery is fully charged, then is used to 50% capacity, it counts as half a cycle.
To increase the battery life of your e bike, you can find plenty of accessories at our store.

Generally, a full charge for a 400W lithium-ion eBike battery takes 6 hours on a 2 amp charger, and 4 hours on a 4 amp charger.
You can either remove the battery and charge it at home, or use accessories to charge your battery right on the bike.

No, our models do not charge the battery while pedaling. However, select Stromer models have the option of regenerative braking, where the batteries charge while braking.

When riding electric bikes Ottawa, natural ventilation keeps the battery stable even when exposed to heat and the sun – it’s what the battery was designed for!

However, direct exposure to the sun or intense heat for extended periods of time will damage the cells of the battery. The battery won’t work correctly if the internal temperature passes 60 degrees Celsius.

When riding an e bike with the electric system on, the battery has a self-heating mechanism which occurs by circulating electricity through the cells. Therefore, it is of no danger to use your electric bike Ottawa when in the cold.

The problem occurs, however, when the electrical system isn’t on when riding. It is imperative that the battery isn’t exposed to the cold, as it can lose efficiency or get damaged if exposed to temperatures lower than -10 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, we advise that you don’t leave your battery outside in the colder months, and store it in a place that is between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Quantum ebikes

Why go for an Electric Bike in Ottawa?


Life is simply easier with an electric bike! Tired after a long day at work, dreading the cycle commute home? An electric bike will lessen the load and get you home faster with fun and convenience. Not in the mood to climb huge, intimidating hills? A big push from a Bosch powered eBike sends you flying. Headwind slowing you down? Push directly through with an electric bike. 

Having an eBike Ottawa, whether as a mode of transportation, a casual joyride for the weekend, or an outdoor excursion, helps you go farther and longer than you would with a standard bike, reaching heights you wouldn’t believe you were capable of while offering convenience!    

Electrified exercise

Electrify your workout routines with an electric bike! It is well known that with the addition of a motor and battery, eBikes can assist you to exercise for longer and farther, while tiring you less. The motor and battery system can push you to your limits for a high calorie burnout, or assist you back home when you’re completely exhausted. A study published in Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives in June 2019, the authors followed 10,000 adults’ average energy expenditure in transportation, such as e-bikes, non electric bikes, etc. The results showed that e-cyclists edged out traditional cyclists in exercise time, as eBikers spend more time on their ebikes in Ottawa on average. 

If you’re looking for a shakeup to your usual workout routine, and want to push the limits of what you’re capable of while having fun, try out an eBike at our shop!   

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

The economical and environmental benefits of using an electric bike are plentiful, and increasing amounts of people are taking note. 

Whereas the price of a new bike might seem a bit scary upfront, there is no insurance, registration, or parking fees, and charging the battery per day is a fraction of the price of gas. Repairs and maintenance on electric bikes are also by comparison much cheaper than car repairs, and require no monthly payments to own them. 

Bicycles, electric or non-electric, have far less emissions than standard vehicles such as cars, and can help you reduce your carbon footprint! Having an eBike Ottawa helps you beat the traffic (in which prolonged carbon emission contributes to greenhouse gasses), and can get you from place to place faster and more efficiently. As the climate crisis develops, more and more people are considering electric bikes to replace their cars and be a part of the solution. Go green and switch to an eBike! 

Quantum ebikes

Electric Bikes Ottawa : Best cycling paths for a ride

With our suggestions, we will try as much as possible to recommend trails and paths that are family-friendly. Note that some routes recommended here may be difficult as you have to share the road with cars.

Here are our favorite 7 routes to explore downtown Ottawa and its surroundings.

1. The scenic path

When you first arrive in Ottawa via Highway 417, signage directs you to experience Ottawa’s Scenic Byway. This is our first suggestion for discovering the Canadian capital by electric bike.

Departure is at the Canada Aviation Museum on Aviation Pkwy, east of downtown. If you continue west, you will eventually come across Orleans along the river.

Directly off the boardwalk there is an NCC bike path. Follow it and enjoy panoramic views of the Ottawa River.  

Vélo Électrique Ottawa

Along the way, the bike path gradually climbs to the top of the cliffs. You will then be rewarded with a panoramic view of both the Parliament, the river, and Gatineau park in the distance. In particular, you pass close to a district called Rockcliffe, where there are embassies from several countries.

Eventually the trail brings you to Rideau Hall on your left, which is the residence of the Governor General of Canada. On your right, there will be 24 Sussex, the official residence of the Canadian Prime Minister, and right next to it, the French Embassy.

Follow Sussex Drive, and you eventually arrive in the heart of downtown Ottawa. You then have access to the ByWard Market, one of the best tourist attractions, to conclude your trip.

2. Via the Canal to Dows Lake by bike

The next trip on our list starts at the famous Château Laurier, a luxury hotel ideally located between the Parliament and the ByWard Market. From Château Laurier, you can also see the start of the Rideau Canal.

Historically, the Rideau Canal was used to have faster access to the Great Lakes from Ottawa by boat.

Without the Rideau Canal, navigators in Ottawa would have to go down to Lac des Deux Montagnes (near the island of Montreal) and then go up the St. Lawrence River towards Toronto. Now, thanks to the canal, it is possible to navigate all the way to Kingston, thus avoiding a long detour.

Moreover, the Rideau Canal is known to turn into the longest outdoor skating rink in the world during the winter, totalling approximately 8 km in length (16 km in total!). The canal is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bicyclette Électrique Ottawa
Faire du Vélo Électrique à Ottawa

Did you know?

The NCC has thought very carefully about its routes, as there is a track on each side of the canal. This makes exploration very easy for all cyclists out to experience Ottawa. So, starting at the Château Laurier, you will have the opportunity to visit a good part of the city center by simply riding along the Rideau Canal.

Along the way, you will see places such as the National Arts Centre, Ottawa City Hall, Lansdowne Park and TD Place (Ottawa Redblacks, home of the American football team).

Your 7-8 km ride ends at Dows Lake, a lively destination by the water tucked away in the heart of downtown Ottawa!    

3. Prescott Russels trail by electric bike

Notice to adventurers, this trip is for you! It is possible to go from Montreal to Ottawa by bike only. Some ambitious people even say that it is possible to do it in a single day…

You can certainly do the trip in two or three days. Since the crossing between the island of Montreal and Vaudreuil-Dorion via Highway 20 is dangerous, we recommend that you pass via Laval and take the La Vagabonde cycle route, which goes to Oka. Then, you can take the ferry to Hudson and go to Rigaud where you will spend your first night.

Vélo Assistance Électrique Ottawa

The following day, you head to Saint-Eugène in Ontario. It is from this small village that the Prescott Russell Trail begins. This trail goes in a straight line to Ottawa through the fields.

The Prescott Russell Trail is an old railway line that was converted into this path, which is ideal for e-biking. Since trains cannot climb hills, the tracks are always leveled so that the track doesn’t exceed two to three degrees in elevation.

This creates an ideal path for cycling, as it’s essentially a direct line that crosses Eastern Ontario, far from automobile traffic. The Prescott Russell Trail ends at the entrance to Ottawa to the east, near Innes Road, which is located at the entrance of Highway 417 from Montreal.

Warning: this is quite a difficult path. The towns and villages are far from the track, and you have to be ready to bring sufficient food and water to make this trip. Nevertheless, the trip is worth the detour since you discover all of Eastern Ontario and the vastness of the territory just before arriving in the Ottawa region.

4. The different paths of the Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is a green space in the middle of Ottawa that bypasses the city at its ends. Cyclists can explore a variety of places near the city center. The majority of trails are multifunctional and suitable for all four seasons. Here is a shortlist:

  • Mooney’s Bay
  • Arboretum du Dominion
  • Prince of Wales Falls
  • Hog’s Back Park
  • Westboro
  • Tourbière-Mer-Bleue Trail
  • Brambles Trail
  • Grey Pine Trail
  • Stony Swamp Trail
  • Shirleys Bay Trail
  • Bayshore
  • Pinhey Forest

5. The Chaudières rapids by bike

Another favorite route for Ottawans is to follow the bike path along the river to Bate Island. The departure point is close to Parliament and the Rideau Canal. This is a gentle, fun-sized trip with nice stops along the way, making this trip ideal for a family outing.

Bate Island is located halfway down the river between Ontario and Quebec. The island is a peaceful and scenic destination, with a park, dining tables, river vistas, and more. This is the best place to admire the water of the Chaudière rapids that go all the way to downtown Ottawa.

Since this trip is about 6 km long, the round trip is quite fast. In addition, it is possible to continue the journey towards Westboro Beach and even to Bayshore.

6. Confederation Boulevard

For lovers of Canadian history, the NCC offers a route called Confederation Boulevard. This is a 7.5 km loop that starts on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

It is possible to do this route by bike, following the urban cycle paths on both sides of the river. On your way, you will see in particular:

  • Parliament, Parliament Hill and Confederation Buildings;
  • Rideau Hall;
  • The Chateau Laurier;
  • The Supreme Court of Canada;
  • Museums, heritage sites, embassies, etc.
Magasin Vélo Électrique Gatineau/Ottawa

We invite you to pay particular attention to downtown’s industrial past. Once upon a time, Ottawa and Gatineau were the heart of log driving country. During your journey, you will also cross the Gatineau side along the back of the downtown paper mills. We recommend ending your trip to the ByWard Market at one of the many restaurants, cafés, and bistros on site. 

7. Bank, Somerset, and Preston Streets

A list of different e-bike routes in Ottawa wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Bank Street, Somerset Street, and Preston Street.

It should be noted that these three streets are very busy with cars – it is therefore not necessarily a route that we would recommend for a young family.

However, if you’re ready to share the road with cars and want to explore a more urbanized corner of the city, you’ve come to the right place. In addition, we mention this route for the presence of different cafés, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants available in great variety on the three streets.

Bank Street runs through downtown Ottawa and downtown skyscrapers. This is the segment of Ottawa that is the most developed in height since the majority of federal buildings and corporate businesses are found there. Also, Bank Street is perpendicular to Wellington Street, on which Parliament Hill is located.

Somerset Street is a little further down the way. Ottawa’s Chinatown is located on Somerset Street. If you want to travel to East Asia quickly, you can find something for everyone: Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, etc.

Preston Street runs perpendicular to Somerset Street. These include Ottawa’s Little Italy, a quieter street than the previous two. Once again, there are great restaurants, bars, and cafés. Preston Street eventually goes all the way to Dows Lake, where you can join the Rideau Canal to return downtown.

Is Ottawa worth the detour?

Absolutely! You’re spoiled for choice in Ottawa. The ultimate advantage of the capital is having access to places in nature minutes away from the city, giving you the best of both worlds!

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