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About us QUANTUM eBikes : Founded on the 1st of June in 2015 by Robert Guimond, our mission has been to demystify the electric bicycle and make them accessible to all. Part of our job in this emerging market is to educate customers on the advantages of electric bikes, a highly enjoyable and ecologically sound method of transportation. We believe there is an eBike model for everyone and it is our mission to find the right one for you.

Our team

Robert Guimond – A True Industry Pioneer In The World Of Electric Bicycles

BionX Electric Bike Team

Robert’s passion is the result of a deep and diverse work experience. With more than 17 years experience in the specific field of electric assist bicycles, Robert can, simply put, offer expertise and service that cannot be matched elsewhere. He was an integral part of the BionX team, a Quebec based company that garnered international acclaim for its innovation in the eBike industry.

Robert rapidly rose the ranks and became BionX’s Director of Sales and Marketing and during his tenure he helped place BionX on the map. Initially, eBikes were conceived as an alternative for people who had been injured and had limited physical capacity. They offered them an opportunity to regain some mobility through a peddle-assisted electric bike.

Robert’s performance at BionX did not go unnoticed. He was promptly recruited by the emerging French powerhouse, Matra. At the time, Matra was known for its production of vehicles. It was seeking to enlarge its sphere of activity. And Robert was the perfect candidate for them to enter into a new market, that of electric assisted bicycles. Robert was hired due to his  knowledge in the emerging market of electric bikes. The next four years spent at Matra cemented his reputation within the industry as a pioneer.

Solex Electric Bike Team

Robert was again quickly recruited to head up another emerging electric bicycle product line, this time at the famed Solex bicycle company. Here, Robert directly participated in an entirely new line of bicycles that were extremely successful. Solex has become a household name in eBikes. His work in its distribution on the North American continent allowed him to establish an unrivaled network of contacts in the industry, as well as in Europe and in Asia. With these crucial experiences in tow, Robert was ready for a new challenge and decide it was time to open his own eBike shop, right here in Montreal, where he shares his passion and his knowledge with his growing team.

Why Buy An Electric Assisted Bicycle?

The future is electric, and today powers cars, buses, skateboards and bicycles. Already an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, the addition of a battery and motor opens an entirely new world of possibilities. Gone are the long, exhausting treks on bicycles. Commuting to work, dropping off the kids at school or enjoying a ride in the countryside has never been as enjoyable as now. eBikes allow us to do more and go further!

Why Buy An Electric Bicycle At Quantum EBikes

Quantum eBikes is situated in the beautiful neighbourhood of the Little Burgundy, right across from the Montreal-famous Atwater Market. We have a diverse lineup of products, specifically chosen to cover the widest array of our customer needs. We are located on the Lachine Canal with direct access to the Montreal bike paths.

Our professional team is dedicated to you throughout your visit at Quantum eBikes, and our work does not end with our sale. We offer a complimentary maintenance service with your bicycle (see our Service section) as well as being available to you should you have any questions  regarding your recently purchased electric bicycle. Come by our shop and live the Quantum eBike experience for yourself!

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