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Discover the new and revised 2021 Riese and Muller eBike collection. Every year Riese & Muller have taken their electric bikes to new levels, making them safer and more durable. Each one has a distinct character with individual design options to meet the specific needs of riders. The latest eBike models feature the fourth generation of the Bosch Performance CX motor – the most powerful in the market today.

Quantum eBikes has the best selection of Riese and Muller electric assisted bikes in Canada. We are also able to order you a custom eBike according to your specific needs and preferences, which will be hand-crafted in Germany.



1993, a good year indeed

It was in 1993 that Markus Riese and Heiko Müller founded the company that bears their names, Riese & Müller. Avid cycling enthusiasts, Markus and Heiko met during their engineering studies at the University of Darmstadt towards the ends the of 80’s and have been close friends ever since. It is in these early years that a simple hobby evolved into an industry leading powerhouse. Both Markus and Heiko used their passion for inventing and channeled it towards another of their passions, cycling. 

the future is electric

From 2013 onwards, Riese and Muller has been steadily diversifying its product range. eBike models, long thought to have been a niche in which only seniors made up most of demand, are occupying a larger piece of the pie in a constantly evolving modern society. Having seen this trend in its infancy, Riese and Muller developed a dazzling line of electric assisted bicycles, setting the standard in this industry to this day. Its wide array of products, including electric cargo and compact eBike, has positioned it as an industry leader for years to come.

NEVO3 GT - 2021

Sporty and comfortable. Its distinctive design, coupled with its integrated 500Wh battery and powerful drive Bosch Performance Line CX, make the Nevo3 a real gem for everyday use. 

It impresses with its high level of riding comfort and pleasant handling thanks to its low step-through.

HOMAGE GT - 2021

From its striking lines and fully integrated battery and motor, the unique design of the Homage cannot fail to impress at first sight. 

Riese & Müller Control Technology with full suspension ensures exceptional riding comfort with top-of-the-line safety. The low step-through allows easy handling in city traffic and if you want to head out further away or higher up, the DualBattery option with 1,250 Wh boasts a range of up to 160 kilometres and more.


Sporty lightness paired with a linear design: the Roadster takes you to your destination fast and rewards you for every detour with even more riding enjoyment with its up to (625Wh option) of battery capacity. 

The Roadster is the ideal urban bike.


The Roadster Mixte. Sporty lightness paired with a linear design. 

This sportiness, combined with comfortable features, makes the Roadster the ideal urban bike.

CHARGER3 GT - 2021

The lightness of riding. Whether for the daily commute or sporty rides, the Charger3 Mixte boasts a slightly lowered top tube, a dynamic chassis with suspension fork and comfort seatpost, and the latest generation of Bosch Performance Line CX motor, making it the ideal E-Bike for everyday life. 

DualBattery 1125Wh option offers a range of up to 150 kilometres and more.


Whether for the daily commute or sporty rides, the Charger3 Mixte boasts a slightly lowered top tube, a dynamic chassis with suspension fork and comfort seatpost and the latest generation of Bosch Performance Line CX motor making it the ideal E-Bike for everyday life. 

Thanks to clever details, daylight-bright lighting and continuous light, it is perfect for riding in any weather and can be parked outside with ease. 


For everyday adventures. A day trip to the mountains or a few days camping at the lake? No matter what adventure awaits you, the Multicharger will take everyone and everything with you. Passengers will find their spot. 

With the agility of a normal E-Bike, while boasting top-of-the-line safety. It leaves a lasting impression with its off-road appearance. 


Everything and everyone on board. Taking the two little ones to nursery, heading off on a day outing with kit and caboodle or perhaps a big family shopping trip? No matter what your plans are: the Multicharger Mixte is up for anything.

It handles with the lightness of a normal E-Bike, while boasting superior safety. And, thanks to the comfortable step-through, getting on and off could not be easier.


  • Redesign of a Riese & Müller icon
  • The Delite is capable of overcoming every challenge.
  • Riese & Müller Control Technology and the versatile equipment options offer freedom and absolute flexibility.
  • The fourth generation of the Performance CX is the most powerful electric bike motor to have been produced by Bosch – sets totally new benchmarks with up to 340% pedal assistance, a maximum torque of 75 Nm, extremely sporty start-up characteristics and pedalling rate assistance of up to 120 rpm.


If you love the challenges offered by off-road trails, you will come into your own with the Delite mountain.

Control Technology boasting Fox Float full suspension with 150 mm travel and the powerful, fourth-generation Bosch Performance CX motor, combined with up to 625 Wh of battery power and Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires, make the Delite mountain a truly exceptional off-road talent.


The ride is the destination. Power for long rides, comfortable riding enjoyment and state-of-the-art safety technology.

The Superdelite is the E-Bike that lets you undertake much more than everyday riding. Its full-suspension Control Technology chassis coupled with a battery capacity of 1,125 Wh and the Bosch Performance Line CX motor take you wherever you want to go. 


  • The Superdelite mountain is the ultimate e-mountain bike: high-end components from front to back wheel, excellent riding characteristics on all terrains, mountain-climbing qualities and almost endless stamina.
  • The latest generation of Performance Line CX motor, Control Technology with full suspension and leading manufacturers’ premium components drive every rider to peak performance. With full battery integration and minimalist cockpit design,the styling clearly and simply states: the path to the top is clear.


  • The Supercharger 2 will take you there – no matter how far the destination. Whether a daily commute with only occasional battery charging, extended trips or spontaneous extra outings: the Supercharger 2 delivers maximum freedom.
  • You don’t hang around when you have your destination firmly in your sights. And especially not because of minor inconveniences, like charging breaks. That’s the precise reason why we have developed the new Supercharger2. It simply wants to ride, ride and ride some more with its latest generation of powerful Bosch motors, comfortable equipment designed for long trips and the DualBattery with its incredible 1,000 Wh. And preferably ride fast, far and without long breaks. 

TINKER - 2021

The city is full of challenges to your nerves: commuter hold-ups on the streets, full buses and trains, sometimes heavy luggage and all this even before the sun comes up. The solution has a name: Tinker.

With this compact Riese and Muller eBike featuring 20” wheels, you can effortlessly glide past all of this with a broad smile. Its frame is even so compact that it can easily be taken on public transport. At the same time, it can also be adapted with great flexibility to body heights from 1.50 m to 1.95 m.


  • Safe and comfortable thanks to Control Technology with full suspension.
  • And surprisingly sporty too: The Load 60 E-Cargo bike effortlessly gets you to your destination – even with a full load and off the tarmac roads.


  • Compared to its ”little“ brother, the Load 75 has only 6% more outer length, but 50% more cargo space – and is still just as agile and manoeuvrable.


  • The Packster 40 is surprisingly manoeuvrable and so compact that it is barely longer than a conventional bike, despite its large cargo area.
  • This and the clever equipment options make the Packster 40 the perfect companion for everyday use.


  • Spontaneous family outing, weekly shopping and frequent rider changes: the Packster 60 is extraordinarily variable and spacious.
  • Its cargo space is large enough to ft two children and the rapid height adjustment of saddle and handlebar means the Packster 60 can be adapted to almost any body size.


  • Spontaneous family outing, weekly shopping and frequent rider changes: the Packster 80, with a loading length of 80 cm you can ft just about everything in.
  • The Packster 80 remains easy to handle and its hight stability impresses in city traffic.