Vélo Électrique à Gatineau

Quantum EBikes: your new biking partner in Gatineau!

In response to the ever-growing demand for e-bikes in Canada and Québec, Quantum eBikes is proud to announce the opening our new store in Ottawa/Gatineau.

Quantum eBikes will be serving bike enthusiasts in the Nation’s Capital with a large selection in electrically assisted bicycles – and related accessories to help you get the most out of new acquisition.

Ideally located close to the World class Gatineau Park, this new store is situated right in the center of the most extensive cycle path infrastructures in the Outaouais.

The address of the store: 10 Allée de Hambourg #103 in Gatineau. Free parking behind the store.

Discover the best electric bike brands: Gazelle, Riese & Müller, O2feel, Gepida, Stromer, Quantum, Urban Arrow… We have a lot of electric bikes in inventory for all needs: folding bike, city and hybrid bike, mountain electric bike, cargo bike, tandem. Our team will be happy to guide you.

For all questions visit us at the Plateau (Agora) or contact our Contact Page.

Gatineau, a cyclist’s paradise!

Are Gatineau and the Outaouais a cycling paradise? Some might think otherwise. However, we assure you that this is indeed the case since there are a multitude of urban and interurban itineraries, for all preferences and all levels.

When it comes to Gatineau, know that there are about 300 km of bike paths within the city, excluding Gatineau Park. These 300 km are made up of reserved lanes on the boulevards and on the streets of the municipality. Nevertheless, the majority of the bike paths take paths through large green spaces and many have views of our emblematic river, the Ottawa River.

In addition, there is incredible potential in Gatineau and the Outaouais for cycling. In short, whether you are on an electric bike, a road bike or even a mountain bike, you will find what you are looking for.

Vélo Électrique à Gatineau

Electric biking in Gatineau

Before continuing, let’s set the record straight. The majority of bike paths in Gatineau are located in the Hull and Aylmer sectors of the city (to the west). The Gatineau sector (to the east) is farther from Ottawa and there are fewer bike paths in this sector of the city.

Note that all the trails presented here can be done easily on a road bike and/or a hybrid-style electric bike.

On the way to the Aylmer marina

Along the Chaudières rapids of the Ottawa River, there is a bike path called the Voyageurs Trail. During the colonization period, travelers going up the Ottawa River by canoe would portage on this path to avoid the rapids.

Today, it is one of the most emblematic routes in the region. The best place to start, in our opinion, is Parc Moussette located in the Hull sector, just near the river. Note that other cyclists also take the opportunity to go as far as the parliament.

With Parc Moussette as your starting point, you have approximately 13 km to cover on a completely paved track along the river. Depending on your physical condition, we suggest that you allow one to two hours for the outward journey and the same for the return.

Bicyclette Électrique Gatineau

This is a very popular path. Sometimes there is a lot of traffic on this trail. However, rest assured: there are plenty of parks and stops along the way to enjoy the scenery. Your final stop is at Parc des Cèdres in Aylmer. In particular, there is a public beach and plenty of space to rest, cook, etc.

To return, you have two options. You can either return via the Voyageurs Trail or you can take the Pioneer Trail which runs along the Boulevard des Allumettières. This option is perhaps less scenic. However, it is an expedited route to return to downtown Gatineau.

Vélo Assistance Électrique Gatineau

The top of the Champlain Lookout

Gatineau Park is the beginning of a chain of mountains that rise to the north. At first glance, the park may seem like a small, quiet forest with little altitude.

Nevertheless, Gatineau Park is very (very) long and the altitude comes very gradually during the journey which starts at about 100 meters above sea level.

Starting from the edge of the Ottawa River, that cuts the city in two, Gatineau Park goes several hundred kilometers to the north. One of the highest points in the park is called the Champlain Belvedere at about 340 meters above sea level.

It should be noted that this course of about 20 km is relatively difficult. There are a lot of climbs and everything is done on the park promenade directly.

The starting point that we suggest is the southern entrance of the park, not far from Lac-des-Fées in the Hull sector.

Please note that on Sundays, the promenade is closed to car traffic. It is therefore the ideal moment to go to the summit by bike.

As long as the climb is not a problem for you, you will discover the most popular route with our Ontario neighbors who come every single weekend to do this spectacular climb. In addition, the route crosses the various places of interest of the park such as Pink Lake, the Mackenzie-King Domain, Mount King, etc.

In short, this is the ideal tour to discover Gatineau Park for a first visit.


Jacques-Cartier Street

Rue Jacques Cartier is one of the oldest streets in the region. This is where the first Gatineau residents lived at the time. This street is at the mouth of the Gatineau River and the Ottawa River. It is why this area is nicknamed Pointe Gatineau.

Rue Jacques Cartier is a nice little stretch of paved and landscaped 3.2 km along the river. We regularly recommend it to people looking for a nice place to go for a quiet picnic with a view of the river.

In addition, the road is not very long. So, if you are left hungry after your walk, on the other side of the Lady Aberdeen Bridge, there is the Lac Leamy Park where you can rest and digest your outside picnic.


The tour of the Hull by bike

The Tour of the Hull is definitely one of our favorite cycling trips to do in Gatineau. However, we must specify that this is not an official route. In short, there is a way to do about 2 to 3 hours of cycling on bike paths inside the Hull sector during 95% of the trip.

In this area, all bike paths either go towards Ottawa or towards Gatineau Park. As long as you wander between the two, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to getting around.

The tour of the Hull by bike passes through both urban areas and nature. The circuit may have some climbs which may prove challenging for less fit cyclists. However, there are several interesting places along the way to stop and enjoy the trail.

Here is the route we recommend:

  • Departure from the south entrance of Gatineau Park. Starting from here, you will have the opportunity to start the journey gently as you descend the mountain to the river. Along the way, while staying in Gatineau Park, you will have panoramic views of the Hull sector and downtown Ottawa.
  • Moussette Park, towards Ottawa. Once you arrive at Parc Moussette, you will have to follow the Voyageurs Trail, but in the opposite direction this time. You’ll follow the Ottawa River while staying on the bank. Eventually, this same bike path will take you behind the Musée des civilizations in Old Hull. This is where you have the best views of the Canadian Parliament in my opinion.
  • Lac Leamy. Always staying on the same track, you will have to follow the cycle path that runs along the edge of the river. Eventually you will come to the Lady Aberdeen Bridge. We will have to continue to now follow the Gatineau River. Eventually, the route will cross the black bridge, over which the STO rapibus passes.
  • Philemon Wright High School. Eventually, the track will leave the edge of the water to go back to town in the direction of the Mont-Bleu. This same track will pass behind a High School, under the Highway 5 overpass. You have to climb up the hill to get to a small, unnamed lookout via the Leamy Creek trail.

What’s special about this itinerary is that it allows you to see the less touristy side of the region. It is a path that follows urban tracks and goes through neighborhoods of the city. It is very quiet and there are restaurants, brasseries and shops along the way for those who would like to stop.


Cycling in the Outaouais

The Le P’tit Train du Nord linear park circuit is very well laid out and has always been a reference to us.

Did you know ?

There are several cycling circuits inspired by the P’tit Train du Nord in the Outaouais. In short, it’s the same concept. We are replacing an old railway line to make it a cycling route.

Vélo Électrique Gatineau-Bicyclette Électrique

Véloroute des draveurs  

The Véloroute des Draveurs is definitely our ALL TIME favorite cycle park. This is a very quiet road, an old railway line, which climbs north towards Maniwaki in the northern Outaouais. The cycle route begins in the village of Low and ends in Maniwaki.

The route of the path officially ends at Farley. However, it is possible to continue passing through the Kitigan Zibi reserve. Be respectful when you do, as the native residents of the reserve only give us the right of way. Therefore, no camping or fishing is permitted on their territory. At the end of the native reserve, you arrive directly in Maniwaki, at the end of the journey.

You can always combine the Chelsea Greenway and the Véloroute des Draveurs to have a weekend worthy of the P’tit Train du Nord with approximately 130 km of bike paths. In addition, 28 km of the track is already paved and the managers of the cycle route were planning to pave the route more in the spring of 2022.

In addition, once in Maniwaki, it is possible to take Route 107 to get to Mont-Laurier and combine the Outaouais route with the P’tit Train du Nord route in the Laurentians in order to get a good week trip by bike.

PPJ Cyclopark

Northwest of Gatineau is the PPJ (Pontiac Junction Railway) cyclopark which is approximately 92 km long on a rock and dust track. We suggest that travelers bring with them everything they need for a hike: water bottle, helmet, luggage rack, breakdown kit, etc.

The starting point is located on Île aux Allumettes at the entrance of Quebec. The end of the journey is somewhere near Quyon. Thereafter, you will have to follow the green route #1 to go directly to Gatineau for a few kilometres. It is possible to do the trip in two days, because there is accommodation on the way (camping, hostel).

We strongly recommend those interested to prepare in advance and bring their own food as the towns and villages along the way are still quite far apart. There are one or maybe two grocery stores along this path.

Faire du Vélo Électrique à Gatineau

Voie Verte Chelsea

In the past two years, the Chelsea community has developed a hiking route along the river.

Once again, this is an old railway that has been converted into a hiking trail for everyone. 

The path is 22 km-long. This begins around Farm Point and officially ends at the Chelsea CLSC.

In theory, the route continues to Gatineau, but the road is not yet developed, and it is not recommended to go there for the moment.

Are Gatineau and the Outaouais a cycling paradise?

Conclusion: Gatineau and the Outaouais are a cycling paradise, and we hope we have convinced you to come and visit it. Also, know that we are only scratching the surface of what there is to do. You will notice that we haven’t mentioned the routes in Ottawa, nor the routes available for mountain bikes.

There is something for all levels and for all styles. If you want to know more, we invite you to look at these places:

  • Plaisance National Park;
  • Louis-Joseph-Papineau course;
  • Prescott Russell Trail in Ontario;
  • Green Route #1 / Trans Canada Trail;
  • A multitude of road bike routes along the river between Montreal and Gatineau / Ottawa;
  • The Route de l’Eau Vive in the Gatineau Valley;
  • Etc.