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We carry electric bikes and accessories from leading European brands 

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You expect the best. So do we.

Uncompromising. We research brands and select them for their quality, durability, style and service.

We work with all of our manufacturers to get you the best electric bike products!


Our styles

We truly believe that there is an eBike for every cyclist and every need.

Find the style, size, and colour that matches your needs in our extensive choice of amazing ebikes.

Do you have questions that needs answers? Our team will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect electric bike.

Electric bike QUANTUM eBikes

What sets us apart


Unparalleled experience and product knowledge

Take the guessing game out of the selection process

Allowing you to focus on the stuff that matters 


Trustworthy and long-lasting

Always with a smile

We’re happy to take as much time as needed to guide you through the experience

Established brands

Choose between 7 (soon to be 9) amazing eBike manufacturers

That are known for their quality, comfort, reliability

And environmental benefits

Unique client experience

We offer test rides

Our experts will make sure the bike is adjusted and fits like a glove

Getting a repair done? Take one of our courtesy bikes so you can keep the ride going !

Variety of styles 

From the tiny folding eBike, to the huge tandem

Whether it be for fun, exercice, commuting or to get to work – we’re got it all !

You can choose from over 50,000 configurations


We are involved

With multiple organizations to support and promote green urban mobility

And engage with university students on Research and development

In the mix

We’re used to getting our hands dirty and leading the pack

Manufacturer and retailer

We’re loaded with new ideas on every front


We aim to be inclusive in every way within our team

Multicultural, competent and dedicated

We all just love electric assist bikes !


We share stories, we share ideas

And most of all we share ou passion for everything eBikes

We work hard to push this amazing industry forward

We care about our clients

M. Bélanger, Marcoux, Smith, Mrs Chartrand, Anne-Sophie, Brigitte, Linkdo, Jean-Paul, Morty, Eric, Liisa …

or any of our 2,500 clients riding around on our eBikes – getting a bike at Quantum eBikes means you’re part of the biggest and best eBike family around !

see you soon !

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Gazelle ebikes

Built in the Netherlands for over 125 years

Gazelle manufactures over 250,000 bikes per year. Each and every part is assembled by hand and tested thoroughly. 

Gazelle offers a wide selection of electric bikes with Bosch mid drive Active Line Plus and Bosch Performance Line motors.

 Gazelle is designed for all types of users, prioritizing comfort and high quality components.

RIESE & Müller


Get inspired with the new 2022 Riese & Müller electric bike models.

A premium brand with leading edge technology: Shimano and Enviolo hubs or Rohloff electronic shifter systems.

Riese & Müller is a leader in control technology suspension, available in their wide range of mountain bikes. 



Introducing the Stromer ST5 with anti-lock braking system.

The first commuter ebike with fully integrated ABS !

Connected with bluetooth technology and supported by the Stromer OMNI smartphone app.

The new ST5 combines the outstanding features of the original ST5 with even greater safety, stability and control, to conquer the most difficult riding situations during your daily commute in traffic.

Quantum ebikes


Thanks to their unique design and adaptability, these bikes adapt to everyone and everything.

THE BROADWAY folding rear hub motor bike has a new look with a redesigned lighter ergonomic frame made from aluminum. A popular choice due to its easy access step-through frame and competitive price! 

THE CRESCENT this high-end folding pedal assist bike is equipped with a central Bosch motor and 400Wh battery. Lightweight and agile, it has a more autonomy and provides the freedom to travel a greater distance. 

Quantum ebikes


Discover Peugeot urban bicycles.

Peugeot – one of the most enduring and recognized brands in the world!

Hit the streets comfortably in the city or off the beaten track with the EC01 D9 step-through model.

This city model provides cutting edge technology and equipment such as the Bosch Active central motor with 4 power levels, Magura disc brakes and a 500Wh battery.

Peugeot electric bikes are versatile and agile and available in 3 sizes: XS (40 cm), S (46 cm) and M (52 cm). Offered in 2 beautiful colours.

Quantum ebikes




Gepida builds reliable electric bikes with sleek lines and smooth contours; made possible by its professional production technology.

Come discover the Gepida brand at QUANTUM. Their city, tandem and mountain bike are equipped with powerful and intelligent Bosch motors

our electric bike cargos

Quantum ebikes


With a ton of possible customizations, the Riese and Müller electric cargo bikes can carry 3 children or heavy loads for business deliveries.

Capable of taking on some serious terrain, the cargo eBikes offer a dynamic and responsive ride while holding its own at higher speeds.

Reduce your carbon footprint and ditch your car for an eCargo bike. 

QUANTUM is urban mobility solution.

Quantum ebikes


Looking for a fun, green way of getting around with the family?

With all the custom configurations and accessories that you can have on your cargo bike, your entire young family – regardless of age – will be able to ride together.

Carry up to 3 young children on a strong but light frame, with incredible power from a Bosch motor, and experience the world in a new way. From school to the corner store, everyone deserves to enjoy the ride.

Next time you want to take everyone along, thank about the Cargo Family.

Quantum Paving the way for sustainable mobility

Vélovolt Quantum eBikes et Equiterre


QUANTUM is a proud partner of the Vélovolt campaign, which is being led by Équiterre.

The Vélovolt campaign aims to educate the workforce about the use of electric bikes in their daily commute through organized test rides in their workplace.

non-electric bike Peugeot and Gazelle

Quantum ebikes


Peugeot Cycles was founded in 1886, and has 135 years of road bike history and expertise under its belt.

The timeless iconic styling and look of Peugeot bikes, still turn heads today.

Peugeot LEGEND bicycles are available and in the spotlight at QUANTUM.

Quantum ebikes


The Gazelle Tour Populair is built in the Netherlands with care and recognized know-how, right down to the most minute detail.

The classic Dutch bike is equipped with a Brooks seat, whitewall tires, coffee lock, rear rack and classic dynamo front and rear lights for added security.

A trend for decades!

QUANTUM is a leader and expert in the e Bike industry

Whether you live in Montreal, Quebec City or anywhere else in Canada, we strive to give you the best possible experience when purchasing your e bike with us.

QUANTUM  Important player in Canada

A pioneer in the electric bike industry, we work intimately with leading European eBike brands to bring you the best eBikes on the market from brands that share our environmental goals. 

We are also an electric bike manufacturer as we design and assemble folding bikes, right here in Montreal. 

We strongly believe that urban mobility is an important societal issue and we work hard every day to help move the cause forward, all while encouraging everyone to embrace this healthier alternative – all while reducing harmful pollution across the country!

To know everything about e bikes, consult the Electric bike QUANTUM’S BLOG, the most complete in Canada!

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Bike bags

ORTLIEB - These German-made bags are made with the highest quality materials to offer you a complet, waterproof design that not only looks great but is also incredibly functional.

Bike racks

The selection of bike racks we carry are perfectly suited for your eBikes. They are robust, durable and easy to use. Perfect for regular bicycles, electric or mountain bikes!

Seat post

The KINEKT seat post suspension absorbs the bumps in the road reducing fatigue, while greatly improving comfort and endurance. Owners highly recommend this product!


Keep your brain safe stylish helmets from Giro, KASK, XS Unified, Bell and Nutcase. So light and comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing one! Discover our selection.

electric bike QUANTUM'S blog

Factors that influence
electric bicycle range

Many factors come to mind when thinking about ebike range, such as rider weight and extra cargo, elevation and road conditions, gears and level of assistance selected, wind direction and ...
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Help the environment by owning an ebike

Global warming is a reality, whether you believe it to be man-made or not and there are many ways that each and every one of us can help do our part to slow down the effects of our planet heading up. Electric bikes may be part of the solution...

Electric bikes are growing in popularity. Why?

The reasons to choose an electric assisted bicycle are endless. Discover the main reasons, such as an environmentally sound means of transportation, a way to get exercise, or for the sheer pleasure of discovering your surroundings on an e bike.

New ways of commuting with your dog, on cargo e bike

Cargo bike have redeveloped the way we travel around cities. Here are a few other ways of how they benefit our lives!

The intelligent ebike

The connected STROMER commuter ebikes are equipped with GMS, GPS and real-time geolocation services.


Information on electric bikes: Guidance and advice, Technical aspects, Stories and Products and More by specialists!

Frequently Asked Questions
about electric bike

Do we have to pedal to have electric assistance? Who can ride the electric bicycle?

At QUANTUM, we offer pedal assist eBikes, meaning electric bikes that assist your pedal strokes.

This means that the rider must be pedalling in order for the motor to assist them. That being said, the rider dictates the pace! The rider gets to decide whether they want help for faster speed, longer rides or help on the tougher slopes.

This type of assistance promotes rider involvement and keeps you active, while allowing you to enjoy the ride at your pace! Come take a ride today!

In Canada, the minimum age to ride an electric assist bicycle is 16. In Quebec is 14. Wearing a helmet that meets standards is mandatory, for everybody!

Can I ride my e bike in a Canadian winter?

Yes, and many people do. The first recommendation is to install metal studded tires if you will encounter ice on the road or bike path. Studded tires will provide superior traction and will help to keep you safer by providing direction and traction. 

You will have to be aware that cold temperatures reduce the charge of a battery, thereby limiting your range.

It is best to keep your battery stored inside at room temperature until you are ready to use it. A battery under tension produces heat and starting your ride with a warm battery will  allow you to keep most of the battery charge while being used in the cold.

Keep in mind that a clean bicycle is a happy bicycle, and winter riding is messy.

Components like the motor and controls are not waterproof, only water resistant at best. Condensation can built up inside these components and other bicycle parts over time, shortening the lifespan of the parts (just like a motorized vehicle). 

The pros do however outweigh the cons! 

Is it possible to test an ebike and to be positioned on the bike?

Absolutely! At QUANTUM, a member of our team will be happy to make the necessary adjustments to ensure you are properly positioned and comfortable on your bike. Our store is located along the Lachine Canal bike path, a perfect place to test and eBike. This is where the adventure begins!

Should I completely drain my battery before recharching?

No, this is not necessary. Modern Lithium-Ion batteries do not have a memory.

What is the life expectancy of a lithium-ion batterie ?

A lithium-ion battery with BMS should last between 500 and 800 charge/discharge cycles. 

Modern Lithium-Ion batteries do not have a memory. These batteries respond well to partial discharges and topping off the charge whenever possible. These actions do not reduce the lifespan at all. In fact, maintaining a relatively full charge is how the battery will last longer than before.

A battery loses up to 10% of autonomy each year. A good quality lithium-ion battery with normal usage, should last 5 to 6 years.

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