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Business hours:*

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 17pm
  • Sunday and Monday: Closed


Proudly serving the Montreal community since 2015, QUANTUM eBikes is a staple in the electric bike industry in Quebec and Canada at large.

With our team of in-house experts to assist you through our selection of the best eBikes the world has to offer, we are confident that there is an electric bike match for anyone who walks into our store. 

We carry prestigious European e bikes brands internationally known for their quality and reliability, namely Riese & Muller, Gepida, O2feel, Stromer… We also design our own line of folding electric bikes, the Quantum Broadway! 

We also happen to be conveniently located directly next to the Lachine Canal bike path, as well as an entire network of cycle paths linked throughout the city. 

If you’re looking to enhance your cycling experience, or are just curious about what we do, feel free to visit us or give us a call! 

*Business hours subject to change during peak and off peak seasons. Please check our website.

Quantum ebikes

Electric Bikes Toronto : Shop by Styles

Quantum ebikes

Top 7 - Best eBike Toronto

Quantum Broadway

Introducing the electric bike that put QUANTUM on the map, the Quantum Broadway! Proudly designed in Montreal, the Quantum Broadway makes bold strides in creating a folding e bike that is as fun to use as it is efficient to transport in Toronto.

Powered by a 350W Bafang motor and a 490W Samsung lithium-ion battery, the Quantum Broadway electric bike transforms the streets and intimidating hills into a breeze of a ride.

The Broadway folds in 3 simple steps: the pedals, the stem, and the frame. The portability of the Quantum Broadway is unmatched and is quite affordable compared to the competition! 

Quantum Broadway red Folding electric bike
Quantum Broadway Electric Folding Bike

Gepida Bonum Edge Deore 10

Cycle in the city with precision and power with the Gepida Bonum Edge Deore 10! This Hungarian electric bike comes powered by a 500W Bosch battery neatly tucked away in a stylish frame, and an Active Line Plus motor that will zip you from A to B without breaking a sweat.

Along with the quick and effortless gear shifting with the Shimano Deore 10, Gepida has cut no corners to deliver on their flagship e bikes. 

Gepida Bonum Edge Deore 10 Electric bike
Gepida Bonum Edge Deore 10

O2feel iSwan City 7.1

If you’re looking for electric bikes that exude speed and elegance, the O2feel iSwan City 7.1 is for you. Between the frame’s immaculate geometry, the ultra-quiet Shimano E6100 motor and Gates carbon belt, and the iPowerPack 432W battery offering up to 100km of autonomy, this electric bike is a no-brainer for any style-inclined cyclist! Comes in high and low step frames, with 26” or 28” wheels. 

O2feel exclusively at QUANTUM eBikes in Canada.

Display of O2feel iSwan City Boost 7.1 ebike with white background
br>O2feel iSwan City Boost 7.1 - Wheel size 28"

Riese & Muller Tinker2

The Riese & Muller Tinker2 is the result of German engineering meeting compact electric bike design, and is one of their most portable e bikes to date!

The foldable stem and 20 inch Schwalbe tires facilitate transport of the bike whether at home, at work, or anywhere in between. The Bosch Performance Line (Smart system) motor and 545W Bosch Akku battery ensures premium power to assist you where you need to go, with efficiency and speed. As an added bonus, the Enviolo 380 continuous gear hub and Gates carbon belt make any ride feel effortless.

Riese & Muller is also an excellent electric mountain bike manufacturer. 

Shop all Riese & Muller Electric bikes in stock.

Compact Electric Bike Tinker2 Riese and Muller Canada
Riese & Müller Tinker2

Riese & Muller Charger 4

As the Mercedes-Benz of electric bikes, the Riese & Muller Charger 4 is the ultimate hybrid electric bike experience!

Whether cycling in the city, the countryside, or anywhere in between, the Charger 4 has got you covered. Equipped with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a 625W battery, as well as seatpost and front fork suspension, comfort and power go hand in hand, even at top speeds.

The Charger 4 is also customizable, with a GT option kitted with the Shimano Deore XT 11 speed derailleur, or the Vario option with the Enviolo continuous hub system. 

Shop all Riese & Muller Electric bikes in stock.

Electric Bicycle Riese and Muller Charger4 GT Petrol
Riese & Müller Charger4 GT
Electric bikes Charger4 Mixte Pearl white
Riese & Müller Charger4 Mixte GT

Stromer ST3 Pignon

The latest in eBike technology and top of the line design meet with Stromer’s ST3 Pignon.

A sharp and stylish frame is combined with a powerful Stromer-brand motor and battery, creating the ultimate commuter bike!

This bike also comes equipped with Pinion gearbox technology, which allows for quick and precise gear changes, stationary or cycling, with a gear ratio range of 568%!

If you’re a tech geek looking for a new and exciting way to commute, the ST3 Pignon is one of the most relevant electric bikes for you.

Shop all Stromer bikes.

Stromer ST3 Pinion LE Electric Bike
Stromer ST3 Pinion LE

Riese & Muller Homage

Premium comfort and safety are guaranteed with the Homage electric bike!

Riese & Muller’s state of the art Control Technology, which includes front and rear full suspension, a sturdy low step aluminum frame, a Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp, and cushy Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires ensure ultimate safety married with cutting-edge design. Powered by Bosch’s Performance Line CX motor and a 625W battery, relaxation awaits whether in the city or in the countryside! 

Shop all Riese & Muller Electric bikes in stock.

Best eBike Homage DeepseaBlue
Riese & Müller Homage GT

Quantum ebikes

eBike Toronto – FAQ

According to the government of Ontario, an eBike (also known as an electric bike, or a power-assisted bicycle), is a bicycle with an electric motor that also has: 

  • A handlebar for steering
  • Pedal assist
  • Two or three wheels
  • Braking systems 

Should an electric bike be removed from pedal assistance, it should then follow the same regulation as electric scooters.

Yes, it is required to wear a helmet on an electric bicycle in Toronto and Ontario at large. 

Yes! Electric bikes in Toronto are completely legal, given they meet certain requirements to be operated in Ontario.

No license is needed to ride an electric bike Toronto. However, removing the pedals of an electric bike turns it into a motor vehicle (typical electric scooters), which requires a license, insurance and registration to operate. 

We sell Class 1 electric bicycles in Toronto, and you need to pedal to activate the motor assistance. Electrical assistance is triggered by the sensor (torque or cadence depending on the bike) once the user makes a rotation or it senses there is pressure on the pedals. 

Yes, it is possible to turn off the motor assistance and ride your electric bike like a traditional non-electric one. You can activate the motor to assist you whenever you please, as there are multiple assistance levels available at any time.

In Ontario, the minimum age requirement to ride an ebike is 16 years of age. 

You can use cycle paths with an ebike Toronto, but must follow the same rules of the road as other cyclists. 

The maximum assisted speed a Class 1 electric bike in Toronto can reach is 32 km/h. The cyclist can reach higher speeds by pedaling or descending a slope, but the pedal assist motor itself will not provide assistance past 32 km/h.

An ebike generally ranges from 40 lbs to 70 lbs (18kg to 30kg). 

On a full battery charge, you can expect an autonomy range of roughly 40 km to 90 km with one charge. It’s important to note that the autonomy of the battery in Toronto will differ depending on your motor assistance level, riding style, terrain, weight, etc.

Electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries, and generally last about 500 charge cycles. This could be extended if maintained well! 

Battery usage is measured in charge cycles. For example, if a battery is at 100% charge, and is used down to 50%, that counts as half a cycle. 

On a 2 amp charger, a 400W lithium-ion battery takes roughly 6 hours to charge to 100%. On a 4 amp charger, it takes roughly 4 hours for a full charge.

Yes! You can ride your electric bike Toronto in the rain. The battery and motor are protected by waterproof cases, though it is highly recommended you wipe the connectors after usage.

You sure can! However it is recommended to use fat tires on your e bike. Indeed, fat tires are perfectly adapted to such weather conditions and are capable of providing a smooth ride no matter the bike paths you take.

When riding in cold weather, the battery of your ebike has a self-heating mechanism that circulates electricity throughout the cells, keeping it warm and efficient. 

Stromer e bike Toronto models have the capability of regenerative braking, where the batteries charge while braking.

While you can ride your electric bike in more extreme weather, the battery must absolutely be shielded from extreme temperatures, especially for an ebike Toronto. You run the risk of damaging the cells of the battery if the internal temperature passes -10 degrees Celsius in the cold, and past 60 degrees Celsius in the cold. 

It is best to store the battery in a dry environment that is between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Technically yes you can ride anywhere with an e bike, but should you ride on unpaved roads it is recommended to use an electric mountain bike. Indeed, electric mountain bike are adapted to harsh conditions, which makes them easy to ride no matter where you go.

Quantum ebikes

Why switch to an Electric Bike in Toronto?

Exercise everyday

Take the best parts of using a car to travel, with the intense calorie-burning exercise of traditional cycling.

Combine both of those together, and you get an electric bike Toronto!

With the help of an electric motor and battery to assist you every step of the way, go farther and for longer on a smooth ride with an eBike Toronto.

Whether commuting to work, touring across the country, or a calm ride around the block, our selection of electric bikes has got exercise needs covered for all riders! 

Commute for free!

Gas? Insurance? Transportation fees? Forget about all of that with an eBike.

Commuting has never been easier or more cost-effective with an e bike in Toronto, where a quality electric bike will demand little maintenance and require a yearly check-up to make any repairs or corrections that occurred over the season.

Explore parts of town you’ve never seen and experience greater freedom with your e bikes Toronto doing less effort!

Bonus point : riders enjoy no traffic jam or waiting for public transportation.

Be environmentally friendly

On top of being a healthy transportation alternative for your body and your wallet, it is also a healthy mode of transportation for the environment.

It is well known that bikes are an environmentally sustainable means of transport, and electrically assisted bikes are no different.

The emissions that are produced from electric bikes in Toronto are monumentally lower than those produced by cars, a big source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Go green and ride an e bike in Toronto today!  

Quantum ebikes

Bike paths in Toronto

Moccasin Trail Park

The Moccasin Trail Park is a beautiful 5.1 km out and back trail, located off Green Belt Drive in the Don Valley. This path follows along the East Don River and is split in two by the Don Valley Parkway (DVP).

This short and sweet trail passes through the famous rainbow tunnel that is seen traveling northbound on the DVP, as well as a little grassy area by the pond for picnics!  

eBike Toronto

Crothers Woods

Located in the North York district, the Crothers Woods consists of 10km of multi-use, one meter wide natural trails that are perfect for electric bikes exploration around Toronto ! The park’s diverse varieties of birds makes it a must-stop for bird-enthusiast cyclists, and the path leads to some spectacular views of the Toronto skyline. 

Kay Gardner Beltline Trail

The Beltline Trail, established in 1989, is built on the remains of a railway line that opened in the 1890s but shut down a couple years later. Now a staple in the city, this 9km path is perfect for jogging, walking, and cycling, and weaves through multiple neighborhoods across 3 sections of Toronto!

The Kay Gardner section of the Beltline trail starts from the Allen to Mount Pleasant Road, and passes through parks, woods and ravines.

eBikes Toronto

Moore Park Ravine Trail Loop

The Moore Park Ravine Trail Loop is a scenic, lush escape within the city sprawl of Toronto. This 6.1 km path is a selection of the lengthier Beltline Trail, and starts off of Moore Avenue in Midtown. It is also right next to Yellow Creek, Mud Creek, and right along Chorley Park, so beautiful natural sights are guaranteed! 

Betty Sutherland Trail Park

Named after town councilor Betty Sutherland, the first woman to be elected to Toronto’s city council in 1972, the Betty Sutherland Trail Park is a short but sweet trail located in North York along the East Don River.

Surrounded by trees and wildlife, this beautiful 2km trail runs behind the North York General Hospital, besides the suburbs of Henry Farm, and ends at Duncan Mill Road. This trail is open year-round and is perfect for cycling in the warmer and colder months!

Electric Bike Toronto

Chorley Park Switchbacks

The Chorley Park Switchbacks are located in East York, and are perfect for the cyclists looking for a bit more excitement in their rides. Located in the 5 hectare Chorley Park and overlooking the Don River Valley, the Switchbacks’ zig-zag gravel path can shake up your usual cycling routine with dynamism and adventure! The switchbacks, along with Chorley Park as a whole, are conveniently connected to the Beltline Trail and the Don Valley Brickworks, and are used by many riders.

Martin Goodman Trail

Dedicated in 1984 to the then president and editor-in-chief of the Toronto Star newspaper, the Martin Goodman trail is an extensive 56km cycle path along the waterfront of Toronto, and is part of the huge 730km Waterfront Trail cycle network in Ontario.

The Martin Goodman trail starts at the Humber Bay Arch Bridge in the west, and stretches all the way to the Rouge River in the east. If you’re in the mood for a long ride right along the water, this trail is for you! 

Electric Bikes Toronto

Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are a network of 15 small interconnected islands that are best explored by electric bike! Access to the islands is done through a quick 13 min ferry ride, right off of Bay St. and Queens Quay. Once there, a 5k long multi-use trail is at your service, with endless food options, cottage style homes, and even an amusement park within reach – this is a perfect destination to bring the whole family. 

Humber River Recreation Trail

The Humber River Recreation Trail is an idyllic wilderness getaway for the riders trying to get away from the hubbub of Toronto. Located in North York, this 8.2 km trail is perfect for walking, hiking and biking! This trail is open year-round, so enjoy witnessing the seasons change before your eyes as you ride. The Humber River Recreation Trail is a popular destination for cyclists of all ages and there are plenty of rider of electric bikes.

Toronto ebike

Lower Don Trail

Located in the east end of Toronto, the Lower Don Trail is an awesome 9.7 km multi-use trail that is a popular destination for hikers, trail runners, and cyclists. The trail runs through the Don Valley and alongside the Don River, connecting to different neighborhoods, parks, and woodland terrains. Despite the popularity of the trail during peak times, this trail cannot be missed when cycling in Toronto! 

Quantum ebikes

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