urban arrow
cargo electric bike

An URBAN ARROW cargo electric bike to go where you want and transport what you want. Enjoy the speed and pleasure of electric propulsion!

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Handy, versatile cargo bikes, adapted to today’s needs and pollution-free! They are perfect for the small family, transporting large items or making deliveries.


Robust, light and manoeuvrable, the Family is the ideal vehicle for getting around town and transporting children in complete safety, while having fun and style! 

It will take you wherever you want to go. Its high walls provide better security for its small passengers.

  •  Choice of Bosch Performance or Performance CX motor
  • 400Wh ou 500Wh battery for greater autonomy
  • Enviolo N380 transmission for smooth, continuous and automatic shifting for a simpler, safer and more enjoyable riding experience
  • Low seating position for children to improve stability and road grip when riding
  • Three-point adjustable seat belt and expanded polypropylene (EPP) box provides protection on all sides
  • White or black frame

Accessorize your FAMILY

Deck out your Urban Arrow with some of the very well thought out accessories.

  • Raincover
  • Poncho
  • Maxi-Cosi Adapter
  • Boxcover Family (in bag)
  • Extra Bench (front)
  • Adapter small children’s seat (C15)
  • Floor mat
  • Luggage net
  • Bike Parka
  • Rear carrier
  • DualBattery kit (with Bosch CX model) and more…


This multifunctional giant can carry your child, your dog, your groceries, your gym bag, your pic-nic for a country ride or to deliver parcels in the city without having to worry about traffic.

  • Your choice of Bosch Performance or Performance CX motor 400Wh standard battery with the possibility to upgrade to 500Wh for a longer range
  • Enviolo transmission for quiet, easy shifting
  • Dimensions: 203cm X 70cm X 110cm
  • Impressive cargo weight of up to 190kg
  • White or black frame

Accessorize your SHORTY

Deck out your Urban Arrow  Shorty with some of the very well thought out accessories.

  • Lockable hood Shorty
  • Child seat adapter Mini (C15) 
  • Child seat adapter Maxi (C22)
  • Rear carrier
  • DualBattery kit (with Bosch CX model) 
  • and more …


This is Urban Arrow’s most popular model. The Cargo L is the first choice! It’s quick, can fit a ton of cargo, leaves traffic in the dust all while being one of the best forms of clean mobility.

  • 3 different cargo options available: Flatbed, Customizable Fligthcase (300L) or an elegant aluminium box (260L)
  • Bosch Performance line motor
  • 500Wh battery standard
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suspension fork
  • Load capacity of 275kg (including the eBikes itself)
  • Black or White frame available

Optimize your CARGO L

Deck out your Cargo L Urban Arrow with some of the very well thought out accessories.

  • Flightcase L
  • Flightcase L + midway shelf
  • Flightcase L (for dogs)
  • Aluminium Box L + YALE lock V3, White or Black
  • Rear carrier
  • DualBattery kit
  • and more …


The cargo XL is serious stuff! This amazing electric cargo bike could be compared to delivery truck, without all the inconveniences! Enormous load capacity, choice of design based on your needs, powerful and elegant – allowing you to navigate any stree or alleyway without worring about traffic, parking, or gas!

  • Top of the line Bosch Performance CX motor and 500Wh battery
  • 20cm longer than the Cargo L for added load capacity
  • Can carry between 300L and 600L, depending on design choices
  • Possibility of adding Coolbox cooler and more!
  • 275kg load weight (including the eBike itself)
  • Black or White (only White CX model)

Optimize your CARGO XL

Deck out your Cargo XL Urban Arrow with some of the very well thought out accessories.

  • Flightcase XL
  • Aluminium Box XL + YALE lock V3
  • Coolbox XL (passive)
  • Rear carrier
  • DualBattery kit
  • and more…

URBAN ARROW is redefining cargo electric Bike

This Dutch company has specialized itself exclusively in cargo electric bikes since 2010. Their goal to become champions of urban mobility is evident in their quality designs and craftsmanship. To combat the ever-increasing pollution in urban cities, Urban Arrow has developed an incredible alternative to cars and trucks.

They have succeeded in creating an effective alternative to vehicles and they have made it fun to make the switch in your life!

Find the right Urban Arrow today and start making a positive change for the future!