stromer - the most advanced
ebikes in the market

a unique e-bike with incredible technology

Stromer bikes are probably the most powerful bikes on the market today. They offer incomparable performance and range, combined with the functional and sleek design.

Stromer bikes are made to get there – quickly, reliably, without interruption. The efficient rear-wheel motor and the high-quality batteries allow peak ranges of up to 180 km (110 miles). The powerful motor allows you to achieve a rapid and smooth acceleration after a stop – you will be the first one to start off at a traffic light! Stromer bikes were designed to ride in the city and get you to places quickly and safely.

The Stromer rear-wheel motor works independently from the shifting system, meaning that the torque is unaffected when the gears are changed. You can accelerate steplessly and powerfully. With max. 6.8 Wh per km, Stromer motors are extremely efficient. They also feed the braking and downhill energy back into the battery through regenerative braking and increase the range by up to 20 percent. 

Stromer motors are almost silent despite their performance. The only thing you will hear is the wind you create. Unlike on other e-bikes with the mid-mounted motor, the motor of the Stromer Speed Pedelecs is virtually invisible in the rear hub.

More dynamics, smoother running and more distance – without breaking a sweat. Drive the difference.

Stromer ST1 X Electric Bike

Stromer is the first company to digitally connect their electric bikes through a cloud-based technology called OMNI. Simply put, this is the best, most advanced and secure user interface system available in the electric bicycle market. It allows you to:

  • view your bike’s system status – battery charge, battery and motor temperature, updates available
  • change the settings according to your preferences – fine tune your ride with the regulation of the pedal & tork sensor
  • monitor your cycling patterns – daily and overtime, milage, average speed and more
  • lock and unlock your Stromer bike using Bluetooth – park your bike and walk away

But most importantly, it is equipped with the GPS tracking – meaning you never have to worry about your eBike getting stolen. You are be able to locate your bike at any time through the app on your phone ot Stromer portal, and if the bike is moved while being locked, you receive a notifying text message. You are also able to turn on the anti-theft mode and block your motor at any chance – thieves don’t stand a chance!

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The ST1x comes equipped with a striking design, with several stunning colours available to you: a metallic orange, the classic Stromer black and finally, the new, ‘Champagne’ colour.

Cyro Drive 500-Watt motor, with 35 Nm of torque. This torque sensor motor tames this beast, providing a smooth and quiet ride despite its impressive power, allowing to reach speeds of up to 45 Km/hr.

Stromer’s world renowned battery. The BQ618 battery with 618 Wh will allow you to travel distances of up to 120 Km, while the BQ814 Wh battery can reach up to 150 Km.


The Stromer ST3 electric bicycle was built with the absolute finest components available on the market, leading to the well-deserved Ferrari comparisons many have levied.

Each bicycle is uniquely identified with a numbered badge. All of the revolutionary features found on the ST2 are here: first class components, a striking visual appeal and industry leading performance.

A limited-edition Cambium C17 Brooks Saddle will guarantee your comfort for this limited edition electric bicycle.


A sharp, stunning design couple with Stromer’s legendary technological prowess will undoubtedly further its reputation as an industry standard. 

This eBike features a SYNO Sport 850-Watt motor with a massive 48 Nm of torque. The torque sensor motor ensures a smooth ride despite its impressive power. The ST5 is the only Stromer model with their new ‘Sport Mode’ that is activated at the push of a button.

983 Wh BQ983 battery comes equipped with the ST5, one that is easily removable at the push of a button. This battery will keep its charge for up to 175 Km

Stromer History

Since its founding in 2009 by Thomas Binggeli, Stromer has quickly risen the ranks and established themselves as an industry standard in electric assist bicycles.

Inspired by what best technology corporations were doing around the world with renewable energy, such as Apple, Google & Tesla, Binggeli used his legendary design prowess to launch Stromer’s first electric bike model. Immediately, Stromer’s design and look caught people’s attention. Binggeli had a mission to create an integrated cycling experience, one where the transition between electric and rider assistance was smooth and effortless. Stromer bikes stick out – they’re well conceived, designed and finally, manufactured.

In March of 2013, the company opened its flagship store in Oberwangen, Switzerland. This facility is entirely powered by solar cells on its rooftop, staying true to the company’s core. This hub of innovation is where Stromer develops its famous in-technology, culminating in the release of their ST2, the world’s first digitally connected electric bike. This firmly established Stromer as the industry leader and chief innovator in bikes, cementing its reputation as a premium electric bicycle brand.