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Quantum Officially Opens Its New Store In Gatineau

French version here. On June 22, Quantum officially opens its new store in Gatineau with the aim of making electric bikes ever more accessible, one step at a time. Here’s everything you need to know about the new store. Where is the new Gatineau store located? The new Quantum eBikes store in Gatineau is located […]

Quantum eBikes Announces June 2022 Planning

French version here. The electric bike season has already begun. No more snow marks; the sun beats down and bike paths regain their popularity. This symbolizes a very busy moment in the season for Quantum eBikes. As you know, we would like to share with you as much as possible on the journey of Quantum […]

Cycling Infrastructure: Luxury Or Necessity?

French version here. Cycling Infrastructure: The Case of  The Netherlands The Netherlands is renowned for having high bicycle use. The Dutch government spends an astonishing €510 million (€30 per capita) per year (1) on developing bike infrastructure. Looking at the staggering data, one might ask, why so much investment in bicycle infrastructure? And why are […]

Here’s the 2022 Ranking of Bicycle Transportation in the US by State

French version here. On April 19, the League of American Bicyclists releases its 2022 report (1) ranking the 50 U.S. states by their efforts toward bicycle transportation. This annual ranking has existed since 2008 for one or more important reasons. Find out why. Bicycle injuries and fatalities cost the United States $23 billion a year […]

28% Of Electric Bikes Are Bought To Replace A Car In London

Rising traffic congestion contributes to worsening air pollution, delays bus and delivery services, and makes streets unpleasant for pedestrians and cyclists. More and more, big cities want to replace the car to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants thanks to electric bicycles. Discover the case of London. Road congestion will cost London £9.3 […]

Save 21% More Time With An E-Bike

Do you hear more and more about electric bikes around you? If so, it’s no coincidence. Indeed, the market for electric bicycles is growing (1) not only in Quebec, but also internationally. And for good reasons: electric bikes have many advantages over traditional bikes, such as saving time. Whether it’s commuting to work or running […]