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Electric bikes are a great way to get around town and are becoming increasingly popular. However, if you want your e-bike to last as long as possible, it is important to maintain it properly. This blog post will discuss how to maintain your electric bike in good condition so you can enjoy it for years to come!


Regularly check your tires

Ensure your tires are not worn or punctured, as this can be a major safety hazard when riding. Worn tires happen naturally over time, and it is recommend that you change your tires every year if you ride daily, or on harsh road conditions. If your tire tread is damaged, you will find you have reduced grip and less resilience to punctures.

Also, check the pressure in your tires regularly; over-inflated or under-inflated tire pressures will affect how your e-bike rides and may cause premature wear. Make sure you know the range of pressure your specific e-bike has. For example, Riese & Muller bikes have high volume tires, and will require lower PSI and a traditional road bike by about half! If you’re used to putting 80PSI into your road bike tires and attempt that with your Riese and Muller, you may burst the tire and damage the product, or even hurt yourself!

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Charge your battery at least once a month

Make sure you are charging your battery regularly to ensure it is always ready to go when needed. Batteries naturally discharge themselves over time, so if you haven’t checked the battery for many weeks after charging, you may be surprised that it’s much lower than expected. Many electric bike batteries have built-in indicators that will tell you how much charge remains in the battery, and it’s important to keep an eye on this, so you can stay supplied when riding.

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Clean and lubricate your chain

It’s important to keep the drivetrain clean and well-lubricated for optimal performance. If you have a traditional chain drive system, use a degreaser to clean off any excess grease or dirt, then apply bike lube or oil as needed. Do not over apply lubricant as it will act as a glue for dirt and debris. The critical part of lubricating your chain is ensuring it penetrates the hinges of the chain, not coat the outside. This will help prevent rusting and ensure that your chain runs smoothly.

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If your bike has a belt drive, like most of the Riese & Muller, O2feel and Gazelle electric bikes, then your drive train requires no lubricant at all. However, it may be necessary to clean your drivetrain with soap and water if it becomes excessively dirty, and debris is causing the belt to run not smoothly on the cogs.


Store properly when not in use

When you’re done riding your ebike for the day, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture. UV from the sun will damage the paint, and batteries do not appreciate being exposed to high temperatures like direct sun. If you plan on storing it outside during winter, cover it with a waterproof tarp or use a bike storage shed to keep it safe from the elements.


Clean regularly

Regularly wiping down and cleaning your e-bike is essential to ensure it continues optimally, and also becoming familiar with its components. During a routine wipe down, you will be able to take note if components get loose or have shifted around. Make note of these changes and contact your service centre if you have any concerns. Use a damp cloth or an air compressor to blow away dust, dirt, and debris, making sure to take care of all the small parts, like the suspension components, chainrings, and hubs. Take extra care not to get cleaning product on your brake rotors, as they can become contaminated and loose efficiency.

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Electric bike maintain – Get regular maintenance checkups

E-bikes require more maintenance than regular bikes due to their extra electrical components. Have a professional do a thorough checkup every six months to ensure everything is in working order. This will help you spot any potential issues before they become major problems and keep your e-bike running smoothly for years to come!



By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure that your e-bike remains in good condition for a long time. Proper maintenance and care of your electric bike will help keep it running smoothly and efficiently so that you can enjoy all the benefits of owning an e-bike without worrying about constant breakdowns or repairs. You can keep your e-bike running for years with the right care and maintenance. How to maintain your electric bike? If you have any further questions, contact us Quantum eBikes Electric Bikes.