Magasin Quantum de Gatineau

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On June 22, Quantum officially opens its new store in Gatineau with the aim of making electric bikes ever more accessible, one step at a time. Here’s everything you need to know about the new store.

Where is the new Gatineau store located?

The new Quantum eBikes store in Gatineau is located at 10 Allée de Hamburg, #103, Gatineau, QC, J9J 4K1. It is located at the Agora, easily accessible by Boulevard du Plateau.

As for opening hours, we invite you to take a look at our Google page in order to have the most recent data. Finally, to contact the Gatineau store, Quantum has set up a new phone number as follows: (819) 778-8880.

What electric bikes are available in Gatineau?

To everyone’s delight, Quantum will make available in its new boutique all the e-bike brands currently available in Montreal. This includes the following brands: Riese & Müller, Gazelle, O2feel, Gepida, Stromer, Urban Arrow and of course our Quantum brand. To see all our models, visit our website and online store.

In addition, it is possible to test drive the electric bikes by going to the shop. Finally, the delivery service is also available for the Gatineau store. Feel free to contact us by phone at any time to learn more about our delivery service.

Quantum announces a surprise for the first customers of the new store

To celebrate the opening of the second Quantum store during this summer period, the company is announcing a promotion for its first customers. In fact, the first 22 buyers of an electric bike will get a $300 reduction on their purchase! If you haven’t had the chance to get your electric bike yet and you live near Gatineau, now is the best time to make your investment a reality without hesitation…

As Quantum aims to democratize the use of electric bikes in North America, we invite you to follow the latest Quantum developments on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Vélo Électrique Quantum eBikes

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The electric bike season has already begun. No more snow marks; the sun beats down and bike paths regain their popularity. This symbolizes a very busy moment in the season for Quantum eBikes. As you know, we would like to share with you as much as possible on the journey of Quantum in terms of content. This is why today we are revealing to you the planning for the month of June 2022 for the company in an article like no other.

1. Quantum’s 7th Anniversary

Date: June 2

Quantum celebrates its 7th anniversary on Thursday, June 2, 2022 with the team and its partners during a “5 à 7”. The company expects to receive around forty participants at its private event. Participants will have the chance to try out e-bikes and make wonderful encounters while having an aperitif in a warm atmosphere.

2. Projects with the University of Sherbrooke

Date: June 2

Quantum eBikes is collaborating with the University of Sherbrooke on two projects for its cargo bikes. The first project focuses on the mechanics and physics of electric bicycles, in which graduating students have the chance to participate. The second concerns the electrification of the cargo bike. The objective of the study is to maximize the energy of the electric bicycle thanks to artificial intelligence.

3. Film with Hydro-Québec

Date: June 9

Robert Guimond (president and founder of Quantum eBikes) and the Electric Alternative Magazine will participate in a film presented by Hydro-Québec. The documentary will focus, among other things, on the evolution of the electric bicycle as well as motorization technologies. Don’t miss the broadcast!

4. Participation in the Urban BBQ (Cancer Research Society)

Date: June 14

Robert Guimond will have the pleasure of representing Quantum at the Urban BBQ (1) organized by the Cancer Research Society to raise funds for cancer research. Quantum is committed to having a wonderful electric bike raffle there for the participants who will be attending.

5. Announcement of new e-bike brands available in stores

Date: June 15

Quantum will be announcing new brands of e-bikes that will hit stores through recent distribution deals. To view Quantum’s online store, click here.

6. Official opening of the Gatineau store

Date: June 17 and 22

Quantum will hold a pre-opening of the Gatineau store on June 17, during which visitors will be able to try out electric bikes. Next, Quantum is committed to officially opening the store on June 22. Here is the address: 10 Allée de Hambourg, #103, Gatineau, QC, J9J 4K1.

7. And… a huge surprise!

Date: Coming soon

To top it off, Quantum will make a very special announcement during the month of June to thank its loyal customers for the past seven years.

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