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CR18 folding bike. It will change your life

Having suffered a herniated disc in both my back and neck at the ripe young age of 25, I had to take an extended break from cycling. This was devastating to me. Little did I know that hope would come through in the form of a folding electric assist bike CR18. As my search for summer employment came to a head when I first met Robert for an interview, I admittedly was skeptical as I had always considered myself a road cycling purist.

Electric assist bike?

What exactly was the point of an ‘electric assist bicycle’. I even thought the name, eBike, was a little off. Robert showed me around the shop, and it was until I witnessed the sale of a Quantum CR18 to a wonderful couple that I began to understood. Patrice and Genevieve had come into the shop with a particular query in mind. Patrice had a badly injured hip and thought he was on the mend, he was weary of re-injuring his hip. Robert and I showed him our folding Quantum CR18 to explain  why this would the perfect eBike to get him back on the road (and for that matter, myself too). Patrice was looking for a way to continue the sport he loved. With the Quantum CR18 in tow, Patrice was now able to commute to work with ease.

The Electric bike offers the ability for people with serious injuries, limited mobility and other restrictions to ride again. Even if you are in fine health with no injuries, the Quantum CR18 will suit your needs. Having worked here at Quantum eBikes for over 6 months now, I have compiled 7 advantages I believe the folding electric bike CR18 has over traditional bicycles.

1. The Quantum CR18 offers unmatched practicality

Amongst the many reasons I was distraught at the reality of not being able to cycle was the simple fact that I now had to forsake my cherished commuting method. Gone were the days that I was cycling freely along the Lachine Canal to work, enjoying an essential morning workout. Now my reality was filled with a burgeoning traffic crisis and a shoddy public transportation system. The Quantum CR18 changed that for me. This electric assisted bike is so light that it made transportation easy for me again. I needed some assistance to take the pressure off of my back and neck, the folding bike CR18 filled my commuting void with ease. This electric bike weighs only 19kg, meaning I did not have to lock my bike outside and could safely bring it with me. Its foldability makes this very easy to accomplish.

2. Perfect for urban or rural transport

Next came the test of bringing my CR18 down to my country roads to see if it would pass the test. I was instantly delighted at the fact that I no longer needed to deal with the hassle of installing a bike rack, mounting my bike, etc. Occupying a space of 0.35m3, this foldable electric bike fit neatly into the trunk of my car. With a battery that lasted well over 40km, I was able to enjoy the beautiful countryside again.

3. Extremely easy to use

Gone are the days of messing around with an overly complex user interface. The folding bike CR18 combines practicality with elegance. With a simple LCD screen on the handle bar, it is easy to choose how much assistance you want to employ on your bike ride. Also, there is a neat throttle feature throw in to boot. By simply holding the minus button down, the CR18 accelerates on its own. Again, being able to control your level of assistance is crucial here. The Quantum CR18’s 9 speeds allows for a seamless use of this feature.

4. Offers unmatched security advantages

This folding electric bike will quell your security fears. Having personally had two vintage road bikes stolen from me, I have grown weary of locking my bicycle outside. With a traditional bike frame, transporting a bicycle inside and out of an apartment or an office building can be cumbersome. As mentioned earlier, this folding electric bike occupies quite a small space and it is very light, meaning it can fit snugly into a closet or even under a desk.

5. Has a beautiful, sleek design

A slick metallic grey with 3 strong decal colors available,
the Quantum CR18 will surely garner many looks. I’ve been stopped several times
this past summer on my way to work by fellow cyclists curious as to how I was
speeding so effortlessly past them. Light, compact and aesthetically pleasing,
the Quantum CR18 is the complete package.

6. The Quantum CR18 moderately priced

Simply put, electric bikes are expensive. With electric components, this is an unescapable reality. However, as the industry evolves, prices are dropping as it is becoming cheaper to manufacture this parts. The Quantum CR18 offers a very competitive prices, especially for a foldable electric bike.

7. The folding bike CR18 offers an environmentally friendly method of transportation

A major reason for the burgeoning electric assist bicycle market is their near zero environmental impact. This practical, folding electric bike continues in this vein. It offers the possibility of anybody being able to commute long distances with ease. As electric charging stations are popping up everywhere, so charging this bike has never been easier. You can either charge the battery directly in the frame or easily remove it to charge wherever you need.

To conclude:

This electric assist bicycle gave me the opportunity to begin cycling again. If ever I feel pain in my back or neck, I can simply up my level of assistance to ease my burden. Weighing in at a light 19kgs, it is easy for me to bring this bike into my office and avoid any security concerns. It is for this reason that I highly recommend you come down to our shop on the edge of the Lachine Canal and try one of these folding CR18 bike for yourselves.