Driving in and around Montreal in a car was already very hectic in 2016, due to road reconstruction works. These circulating conditions will not be rectified in 2017 or in the years ahead, since the city plans to continue the road reconstruction works for long… until at least 2022. Moreover, the road network in general is in a very bad state, so bad that the total amount of work to be done has been valued at 3.2 billion. One could say that we are far from being done with the orange cones style.

From partially or totally closed streets, blocked bridges and tunnels, traffic congestion and traffic jams during peak hours, vehicle drivers have always wept and have been late for their appointment, conditions which cyclist do not suffer from.

The solution: The electric bicycles (ebikes Montreal)…

Wherever a car is unable to pass, bikes will always pass without any difficulty. Kings of the slalom between cars and orange cones, the cyclists will not be obstructed by these situations and will continue to circulate without any problem. In large metropolitan areas, with or without works, bicycles have become the means of transportation for the young and old, as well as those who are tired of spending hours behind a wheel to wait for traffic lanes to free up.

At Quantum, we have your bike

If the prospect of another 5 years of orange cones disturbs you, do not hesitate any further. It’s time to buy an electric bike.

Are you not very sporty? No problem, the electric bike’s motor will do the job for you.

Do you want to move faster? No problem, some bicycles can attain 45km/hour on a level surface. More so, you will go faster than in the car, because you will pass through road conditions whereon cars can’t.

Do you have heavy or light loads to carry? No problem, some bikes are made to carry heavy loads and all have a luggage rack.

Are you concerned about soiling your clothes? No problem either, our bikes have all been equipped with effective mudguards to protect your pants or coats from getting soiled.

And if you simply desire to be part of the trendsetters, an electric bicycle is exactly what you need.

In any case, bikes will always travel faster than cars in Montreal! and at Quantum we have the best electric bikes in Canada; Gazelle electric bike, Riese and Muller e bikes, Stromer electric bike, Quantum folding electric bike, Gepida electric bike, Urban Arrow cargo electric bike, and more … Find the bike of your dream at Quantum eBikes!

To try out your future electric bike, visit our showroom at Saint Ambroise Street. We have six European brands at your disposal, for all budgets and needs. You will definitely find your bike of choice here.

My team and I await your visit.