Crescent folding electric bike

Broadway: the new electric folding bicycle

folding ebike created for the life in the city


Broadway folding eBike features new design of the stem and handlebars, that provide a relaxed upright position for an easy and comfortable ride. The handlebars come with ergonomic grips for greater palm support. The height of the stem and the seat, as well as the angle of the handlebars, can be adjusted – no tools needed. The Broadway eBike is designed with  an ultra-low, step through frame – only 30 cm from the ground. Rear rack, fenders, and kickstand are included as standard equipment.


The 6061 aluminium frame is lightweight, allowing a rider to easily lift and carry the bike with them.

folding eBike


The Broadway’s folding electric bike, 350W Bafang motor is powerful and energy efficient. It provides  fast acceleration and consistent speed. The 36V battery allows 45-55 km average range, perfect for daily city commutes or weekend rides. The integrated battery comes with a check light for power level. One can easily charge it by connecting the charger to the bike or by removing the battery completely. This allows for a convenient charge at the office or at home..

Broadway ebike's features

The D&E Smart headlamp is controlled through the display and powered through the battery, providing bright and reliable lighting. Your eBike will always be seen when riding at night. This powerful LED light will guide you in any condition – through fog, rain, or at dusk.

Another new feature of the Broadway electric bike is the Walk Assistance, allowing riders to walk alongside their electric bike with ease, at speeds up to 8 km/hour. 

folding electric bike
Folding eBike

folding broadway

The Broadway can be folded into a compact and portable size, that can easily be carried around or stored away. It takes less than 10 seconds and 4 steps to fold the bike, with no tools needed! First, push the pedals in and upwards, then lower the handlebars and the seat, and last, fold the frame in two. It will fit nicely in the trunk of your car or in a closet. The frame has an integrated handle which allows you to easily carry it, folded or not!