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A premium quality suspension – perfect for your electric bicycle. Comfort allied with performance

Make this an add-on to your electric bicycle – we’re certain you won’t regret it!

The Body Float suspension seatpost from Kinekt is a system that’s mounted with springs that are fitted beneath the saddle of your electric bike, it corresponds to every model. Many Stromer electric bike fans consider it as the best choice for a suspension seatpost. It equally serves for a more urban and road use. The system absorbs the vibrations and shocks, as well as the resulting discomfort that all cyclists experience. Thanks to the Body Float, you will be able to travel on any road, regardless of its state, without feeling the usual fatigue. Your journey will be more comfortable and more efficient.

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The spring selection, depending on weight

All models are made of a high strength aluminum alloy. The springs are interchangeable, depending on the cyclist’s weight and his driving style. There is an easy access to the adjustment knob. The vertical movement can go up to 38mm.

Once you have chosen the appropriate model, you will only need to adjust the spring tension, so as to create a stable, efficient and comfortable seat that will suit you.

There are 4 basic configurations.
X-Small, for cyclists weighing between 22 to 45 kg
Small, for cyclists weighing between 45 to 68 kg
Medium, for cyclists weighing between 68 to 90 kg
Large, for cyclists weighing between 90 to 113 kg

Body Float was designed and developed by an American bike specialist, Paul Barkley, during a stay in Africa, where he had to travel by bike over long distances and on very rough roads. Since 2011, Body Float is manufactured by Cirrus Cycles, Inc. The company was established to use the patent and it is located in Bellingham, Washington.

Do you want to try it…. No problem, at Quantum we have the Lachine canal cycling track at a stone throw...

Price: $330

We carry several of the world’s leading brands, such as
Stromer, Riese & Müller, Kalkhoff, Gazelle, Focus, Neomouv, O2Feel, Felt, Solex & Quantum.

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