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Ortlieb bike bag – reliable, beautiful and waterproof

Perfect for transporting your laptop and important documents to work, groceries or extra clothing and snacks

This Downtown bag from the German brand Ortlieb can be attached to the rear rack of your bike. It offers everything one would expect from a “Made in Germany”. It is ideal for commuters and keeps your valuables safely tucked away  (files and / or laptops up to 15 inches). This bike bag is tough, reliable, and waterproof, and it has a 5-year guarantee. It fits securely on any electric bike rack whether it be a Stromer, Gazelle, Kalkhoff or Riese & Müller. Ortlieb’s colorful look and quality will perfectly match the elegance of your electric bike.

A perfectly waterproof bag for all occasions

The Ortlieb Company is based in Bavaria. It  specializes in equipment for outdoor uses (waterproof bags, backpacks, travel luggage, camera bags) and specializes in the manufacturing waterproof bags with watertight closures.

The bag is closed with large hooks and fastens securely to the bike rack. Once you’ve arrived, it can be transformed into a shoulder-strap bag, which can be carried on your shoulder, or by hand, thanks to its sturdy handle.

Scratch-resistant reinforcements and small pads at the bottom of the bag allows it to be placed anywhere without risk of damaging its contents. 

Stromer Ortlieb Quantum eBikes Montreal Vélo Électrique Montréal Electric Bike
Stromer Ortlieb Quantum eBikes Montreal Vélo Électrique Montréal Electric Bike

the bag characteristics

Ortlieb bike bag is available in three colors; black, sky blue and black/white.  Reflective strips provide better visibility. It has two types of bicycle mounts, from which you can chose: Quick-Lock2.1 or Quick-Lock3.1. 
Stromer uses the Lock 2.1 on the rack time luggage carrier. 

Height: 36 cm 
Width: 36 cm 
Depth: 14 cm 
Weight: 1.550 kg 
Volume: 18 liters 

Quantum and Ortlieb offer high quality bags for your day to day needs.