Gazelle Medeo Electric Bike

The e Bicycles for loungers are here.

Let’s go straight to the point, is playing golf, in a golf cart actually a sport? … professionals walk.

Is fishing, with a motor boat a sport? … Hockey players no longer use wooden sticks …

technology is evolving, needs are changing, products are increasingly being connected.

Cycling is a sport that offers a lot to the human body. The e Bicycle offers much more … It is

there to provide the assistance. The electric bicycle enables people who’ve stopped riding, for

whatsoever reasons, to get back on the saddle.

Regulation leads us to a false perception, when we compare the regulations to Europe, in terms

of assistance.

They have 2 types of e Bicycles either for a maximum speed of 32 km/hour or 45 km/hour. They

have a start button from 1 to 6 km/hours. Thereafter, you have to pedal in order to activate the


The e bike here in Canada have considerably similar regulations, as those in the USA. Our

acceleration button enables us not to pedal to the 32 km/hour speed.

On cycling paths, we often see cyclists on electric bicycles, who ride up to a speed of 32 km,

without pedaling. And that was where some of the negative perception of electric bikes originated.

Perhaps it is the laws of the market, as well as our American-oriented legislation that leads us

towards a more negative perception.

In Germany a cyclist riding an e Bicycle is healthy, but that’s not the case here with us …

With the new models coming to us from Europe, we have to change that perception.

Long live the bike, long live the ebike

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