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Let’s face it, global warming is a reality whether you believe it to be man-made or not and there are many ways that each and every one of us can help do our part to slow down the effects of our planet heating up and electric bikes may be part of the solution. According to Berkeley Earth, our planet was on average 1.0 degree warmer than the 1850-1900 average temperature, making it “unambiguously” the warmest year on record. That’s a scary fact to consider. The warming of our planet means that sea levels are rising which wreaks havoc on coastal wildlife and fragile marine environment like the Great Barrier Reef. The effects are not only limited to marine life though, mammals and insects all feel the changes that are upon us and must adapt – or face extinction. It is up to us humans to reconsider our choices and way of life in order to make more conscientious decisions regarding our food, lifestyle and transportation.

Man beside an electric bike in a motocycles parking


Congestion, what congestion?

One of the easiest changes a person can make is regarding their transportation choices. With more and more of the population living in cities, growing congestion concerns in major metropolitan areas and our lack of spare time in our busy lives, the argument for electric bikes as an alternative mode of transportation is making a lot of sense. For example, the average distance a person travels to work when living in an urban environment is less than 6.5km (one-way). This distance can easily be covered by bicycle in much less time than it would take in a car, even on a day with little traffic. If we consider the congestion issues that are present in more and more urban cities (think Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and even Montreal!) it starts to become obvious which mode of transportation makes more sense from a time-saving perspective. Now, once you’ve reached your destination, you have to circle around to try to find a parking spot, then park and pay. I speak from personal experience when I say that I have sometimes circled around my destination for over half an hour in order to find a parking spot. Let’s now compare that to an e Bike which took half (or possibly less) time to get to your destination and maybe 90 seconds to find a bike rack, lock your bike and remove your helmet. The time savings are obvious and hard to ignore. As we all know, time is money and having more time to enjoy ourselves or get other tasks done is a no-brainier.

Live longer and happier!

Electric bikes are not only more time-efficient than a car for urban travel, they are also an excellent way to combat our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. A hundred years ago, our population was much more active in their day to day chores and their overall lifestyle and we had no need to supplement our day with physical activity. With the increasing ease at which we can order food to our front door, stream movies at home and video chat instead of meeting in person all contribute to an increasingly sedentary population with real, measurable effects on our health. Why not kill two birds with one stone and change your way of getting around? With an electric bike, you are able to be more efficient in your travel and you can stay in great shape! It’s proven that cycling will help your overall health including increasing your cardio vascular threshold, excess fat loss and, most importantly, your happiness. Studies show a strong correlation between happiness and living a longer life; thankfully electric bikes offer you just that.

An eBike for everyone

Now that we covered the financial and health benefits of switching to an electric bike, let’s cover one last point; the versatility of eBikes on the market today. Just like with vehicles, electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you like, what you want to do with it and your personal preferences when it comes to brands, colors, options etc. For example, the delivery driver who makes dozens of stops every day with small parcels and boxes will usually drive some type of van. In many cities such as Montreal, New York, London and Amsterdam, these drivers have given up their trucks in exchange for electric cargo bikes. These eBikes come in multiple sizes and styles that will allow you to custom build them to your needs and specifications. Delivery companies have reported up to 3.5x more efficiency in their deliveries and a dramatic decrease in parking violations that cost these companies a fortune every year, not to mention lower maintenance costs when compared to a van.

For the office worker who needs something easy and versatile for their morning and evening commute to work, why not try a folding electric bike? These compact eBikes offer all the power of a full-sized eBike in a small, folding design that can be stored in the corner of your office or even under your desk! Gone are the days of rushing to find parking in the morning in order to be at your 9:00am meeting on time, you can now arrive at work, fold up your eBike and go right to your desk. Another benefit of this type of transportation is that the eBike assists you in your pedaling so you don’t arrive at your meeting with sweat stains and stinky feet which, let’s be honest, nobody wants!

Then, of course, there are the more “traditional” electric bikes which give you all the benefits of cycling, with the added feature of being able to zip through the city streets with minimal effort (when needed). Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all eBikes. Today, there are dozens of great companies making a plethora of design styles. The hardest part today is choosing between all the amazing options on the market!

Environmental awareness: a win-win

At the end of the day, we all have to do our part for the environment. Why not make some small changes in your lifestyle that will also positively benefit our planet? Swapping your car for an eBike may seem like a huge change but you can start small and work your way up to where you feel comfortable. Even by taking your eBike to work just once or twice a week, you are greatly reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and benefiting from a healthier, more active lifestyle. It’s time to take action and rethink your transportation choices you’ll never look back!