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A girl is riding the Women Electric Bike of O2feel at sea side

Why ride an eBike?

In Europe, electrical assist bicycles have been gaining steady popularity over the past decade. However, North America is still catching up with the trend. Electric bike is designed to improve the entire experience of cycling, helping you to go up steep hills and getting to places without perspiring or getting tired. 

So how does it work? 

When you start riding your eBike, the motor, based on your velocity, weight and other factors, kicks in and assist you in pedaling. It allows you to accelerate smoothly and go further distances. There are usually several levels of assistance that you can choose from, depending on how fast and easy of a ride you would like to have. Electrical assist bikes usually come in different styles and shapes, so everyone can pick something suitable to their needs. Whether it is for commuting to work every day or taking longer rides on rougher terrains.

There are a lot of benefits that an eBike can bring you – they can make your day to day commute a lot easier and ultimately improve the quality of your life! Here are our 7 main reasons why:

1.Get (and stay) in shape

Our first reason for getting an eBike is an obvious one. Cycling, whether by traditional or electric bicycle, is a great way to get in shape and tone your muscles. You’re not just working your legs on, you’re also strengthening your core, shoulders, and glutes, just to name a few. All while being low impact and easy on your joints!

In addition, eBikes are an ideal way to work on your cardio because you can select different levels of assistance, allowing you to build it up at your own pace. Feeling short of breath? Crank up the assistance until you stabilize your breathing. Breezing along without any effort? Turn the level assistance back down and get working!

Riese and Muller ebikes Multicharger

2. Ride longer, and faster

Gone are the days where 75km rides seemed impossible. With an eBike by your side, this is no longer the daunting task that it once was. One fully charged battery on the electric bike will allow you to go as far as 110-130 kilometers. And, if you add an extra battery on your eBike, the distance doubles! Yes, we are talking about 200 kilometers bike rides! With electric bicycles, you can redefine your limits.

Besides, why not do it at a good speed too? Riding around at 10km/h is fun for a while but who doesn’t like to feel the wind in their hair? With an electrical assisted bicycle you easily gain speed up to 32km/h with the motor’s help. Certainly, there’s nothing like speeding past traditional cyclists without any effort.

3. Use on multiple occasions

There is a great variety of electric bikes  – cargo, tandem, folding, mountain, commuter, among many others. Stopping to buy groceries on your way back from work, or picking up kids from school, might become a way easier task with an eBike – cargo bikes allow you to carry larger loads with no effort involved! Other bikes, like commuter electric bikes, will not only reduce your travel times between home and work, but also allow you to take long distant camping trips and several day tours.

Another amazing option that exists within electric bike industry is a folding eBike – ideal for city living where storage is limited, or when you want to take your eBike with you on a trip –  it fits easily into the trunk of a car.

4. Avoid traffic

Tired of wasting your time in a traffic jam on your way to work? Today, most urban cities have incorporated bike lanes into their existing and future roadways. On an electric bike, you get access to these cycle routes that cars and motorcycles cannot reach. Moreover, an electrical assist bike also gives you an advantage of higher average speed than a regular bike, which means that you will be arriving to work faster and without breaking a sweat! You get to avoid all traffic jams and eliminate hills and headwinds, which makes eBikes the most reliable and fastest mode of transportation!

5. Save Money 

Cars can be expensive – when you factor in gas, insurance, maintenance and the cost of the car itself, the figures may appear quite high. On the other hand, an eBike is relatively cost-free once you buy the bike itself. Yes, it does also need maintenance from time to time, but the difference in its price is substantial. Besides, electric bikes do not require a license or insurance, as well as parking and the cost associated with it! So think of the savings you can make by switching over to an eBike for most, if not all of your transportation.

6. Help the Environment

How much of carbon dioxide is emitted by your car on the daily commute to work? In contrast, eBikes are carbon-free, use very little electricity to charge the battery and only need some good old fashion elbow grease to get you from point A to point B. Besides, there’s nothing quite like a deep breath of fresh air on a warm summer morning. You’ll be experiencing a lot more of this once you stop using your car (or bus) in order to get around on your electric bike!


To conclude, riding an eBike is simply fun! You will catch yourself smiling all the time while you ride your electric bike. Being outdoors, relieving stress, saving money and being more efficient in your travels are all great reasons to smile!