Stromer… the intelligent eBike!

Cycling enthusiasts and experts can no doubt confirm this – Stromer is a connected bike, right down to the tips. Let’s take a closer look!

The connected models of Stromer bikes are equipped with GSM, GPS and real-time geolocation services. This quality clearly sets them apart from their direct competitors on the electric assisted bicycle market.

On a practical level, your bike has a screen that groups together a set of relevant indicators. In fact, you have access to the percentage indicating your battery life, your speed, the level of assistance you receive and the strength of the signal available. For more ergonomics and to adhere to the maximum with your jewel … your electric Stromer, you have at your disposal on Smartphone the MyStromer application. It is available in iOS and Android compatible versions.

The application is simple and intuitive. It allows you to lock and unlock your bike remotely using the SmartLock service. In addition, nearby Stromer retailers will be visible on your screen thanks to the app’s GPS map, which also allows you to easily locate your bike.

Everything remains under control, even in the event of theft. Indeed, if you ever suspect that your electric bike has been stolen, you can lock the rear wheel by activating “Theft mode” for the application. The front and rear lights begin to flash, indicating a distress mode. You can then easily track your bike on the app’s GPS map.

All of the above features are orchestrated by the cloud-hosted platform: OMNI connect. Indeed, the OMNI functions will be invoked through the application or the touch screen of your Stromer bike.

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