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1993, a good year indeed

It was in 1993 that Markus Riese & Heiko Müller founded the company that bears their names, Riese& Müller. Avid cycling enthusiasts, Markus and Heiko met during their engineering studies at the University of Darmstadt towards the ends the of 80’s and have been close friends ever since. It is in these early years that a simple hobby evolved into an industry leading powerhouse. Both Markus and Heiko used their passion for inventing and channeled it towards another of their passions, cycling. Initially, they were simply tinkering with what was available at the time; designs however had become stale and were in dire need of a facelift. That’s when Markus invented a new concept of a folding bicycle in 1992. If a bicycle has an integrated suspension, Makus thought, one should be able to use its pivots as levers to fold a bicycle. And thus, the Birdy was born. An entirely unique bicycle that was comfortable, practical, and a much-needed, modernized upgrade.

The future is electric

From 2013 onwards, Riese & Müller has been steadily diversifying its product range. E-Bikes, long thought to have been a niche in which only seniors made up most of demand, are occupying a larger piece of the pie in a constantly evolving modern society. Having seen this trend in its infancy, Riese& Müller developed a dazzling line of electric assisted bicycles, setting the standard in this industry to this day. Its wide array of products, including electric cargo bicycles, compact and folding electric assisted bicycles, has positioned it as an industry leader for years to come.

Riese & Müller’s mission

To be the industry leader in the electric bicycles and in premium folding bicycles. Perhaps because we have always been up for the challenge.


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We have just received Riese & Müller’s 2018 models. In short order, we will be updating our website with their new and exciting models. Stay tuned!


We carry several of the world’s leading brands, such as
Stromer, Riese & Müller, Kalkhoff, Gazelle, Focus, Neomouv, O2Feel, Felt, Solex & Quantum.

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