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  • Redesign of a Riese & Müller icon
  • The Delite is capable of overcoming every challenge.
  • Riese & Müller Control Technology and the versatile equipment options offer freedom and absolute flexibility.
  • The fourth generation of the Performance CX is the most powerful electric bike motor to have been produced by Bosch - sets totally new benchmarks with up to 340% pedal assistance, a maximum torque of 75 Nm, extremely sporty start-up characteristics and pedalling rate assistance of up to 120 rpm. 

  • Designed for longer distances: the Superdelite with Control Technology. Total safety, total dynamics and 1.000 Wh of total power: all part of the standard equipment.

 A few of the many highlights that make the Delite mountain such an exceptional bike off-road:

  • Control Technology with Fox Float full suspension and 150 mm travel
  • The latest generation of powerful Bosch Performance CX motor
  • Schwalbe Hans Dampf tyres

The Bosch SmartphoneHub transforms your smartphone into a display and communication system, in which all functions are combined: intelligent navigation with live weather, fitness data and much more.

The Superdelite mountain is the ultimate e-mountain bike: high-end components from front to back wheel, excellent riding characteristics on all terrains, mountain-climbing qualities and almost endless stamina.

The latest generation of Performance Line CX motor, Control Technology with full suspension and leading manufacturers’ premium components drive every rider to peak performance. With full battery integration and minimalist cockpit design, the styling clearly and simply states: the path to the top is clear.

The Multicharger Mixte is a cargo-optimised E-Bike with a lowered top tube in an off-road style and, as a GX model, with all-terrain off-road equipment. Its carefully designed cargo equipment options make it the ideal touring, family or transport E-Bike. And yet it is just as long as the Charger. This not only saves space, but also makes the Multicharger Mixte’s riding behaviour safe and agile – whether you ride a lot, carry a lot of cargo or both.


Price: $6,489-$7,354

The Supercharger does not brag about its inner values, it simply has them. Thanks to the full integration of up to two Bosch PowerTube batteries in the frame and the coordinated colour scheme, the whole bike has a very sporty look and appears to have been cast in one piece. When it comes to range, with its battery capacity of up to 1,000 Wh it delivers outstanding results on the road. The unique ride and comfort make every mile an experience. The Supercharger covers seemingly endless distances without pausing to recharge.


Price range: $8,638 - $10,919