Neomouv electric bicycles are equipped with the German Brose engine

In France, Néomouv is well known, though it isn’t that popular in Quebec. The company is found at the heart of the Loire region, and since 2003, it’s been involved in the manufacture of electric bicycles.

Two models have been selected from the Néomouv product range; these are, the Montana and the Iris, and these two will entice the Quebeckers.

Néomouv currently works increasingly with Brose, the German company that is based in Berlin. The company supplies electric motors for car (with one of every two cars worldwide, using a Brose engine equipment for either an electric window, or for a power-assisted steering), and I has transferred its know-how onto electric bicycles. Brose is a mark of excellence, and companies like Scott, Bulls and Grace are now using Brose engines to equip their bikes. Néomouv now happens to be amongst the 30 companies that are being powered by the Brose Company.

Talking about the engine itself

Néomouv are being equipped by engines that weigh 3.4. Kilos and the bike possess a triple sensor, comprised of, the pressure sensor on the pedals, the rotation sensors and the speed sensors

The engine contains parts that are made of magnesium and aluminum. The engine is incorporated onto the metal frame in a vertical angle, which tends to give it a minimum visual impact and a low center of gravity. These engines are among the few central motors that permit the use of a double front plate. Also, it doesn’t offer any resistance in the unassisted mode.

Brose engines are being equipped with a carbon belt, thus making it the least noisy engine in the market.

Its appropriately sized removable console, offers additional security to the engine.

The engines have a voltage of 36 volts and a torque of 90 Nm.


Montana the sporty bike and Iris the family bike

The Iris and Montana models of the Néomouv bikes are equipped with 700-cm wheels, hydraulic brakes and an 11-ampere battery.

The Montana is a sporty bike with a high rolling ability in both the city, on cycling tracks as well as on very rough forest roads.


The Iris equally comes with the same components as the Montana, but with a low-entry chassis. It’s more of a family bike, and it’s the ideal bike for everyone.



Do you wish to discover and probably try these bikes? Quantum is located at Saint Ambroise Street, with the Lachine Canal cycling path passing right next to the shop. You can peacefully try these electric bicycles (VAE) that have all that’s needed to turn heads in Quebec, this summer.


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