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The Myths and Stereotypes Of Electric Bicycles


It’s time to dispense with the myths and shatter the stereotypes traditionally associated with electric bicycles. Cutting-edge technologies, vast improvements in design and function, and a diverse variety allow anyone to find an ebike that meets their needs. There are more models and options than ever before, giving consumers the ability to select what works for them. Increased power, battery-life, and reliability make this environmentally-friendly mode of transport worth investigating.

Pedal a little or a lot; either way, you’re outside in the fresh air and you’re moving. Electric bike can actually help you become more active, more often, and for longer periods. Having an electrically assisted bicycle does not necessarily make you a passive rider – it can enable even the most serious cyclist to go further, faster, and become stronger. A little assistance can help you go a long way. Let the motor kick in to help you get up a steep hill and carry on at the pace you choose. Keep up with other cyclists and avoid over-exertion that makes you exhausted or leaves you with sore muscles. Electric capacity can help develop muscular endurance – you don’t have to stop to give yourself a break. Build your stamina gradually while knowing that a bit of extra ‘oomph’ is in the motor if you need it. It’s not about sitting back while a motor does all the work for you, although that is an option if you choose. Pedal as long as you like with no resistance from the motor, and easily activate the electric mode to help you increase speed, power up inclines, or carry extra cargo.

Getting to work is “no sweat” with an electric bike, and you won’t show up at the office, dripping and splattered, because your bicycle is equipped with mudguards. You don’t need to worry about expensive parking either. One e-bike user says her family doesn’t need a second car since they’ve purchased an e-bike. There are significant financial benefits to ebikes compared to purchasing, insuring, servicing and purchasing fuel for a car. Substantial savings while also being environmentally friendly and increasing your physical activity is a triple-bonus!

Navigate without the frustration of traffic congestion, construction detours, or parking nightmares! As with traditional pedal bikes, an ebike gives you the flexibility to move when and where cars and public transit cannot.  

Need to carry equipment or shopping bags? Want to head out on a longer tour? Attach a baby seat? There are ebikes for that! Maybe you want to lock your bicycle using a smart-phone app, or fold it up and take it with you? That’s right, there’s an ebike for that too! Whether it’s for the urban commute, sports, or leisure, you can choose a bicycle that matches your requirements. New ebikes are efficient, practical and convenient, and make getting around simple. Plug in for a recharge and be at full capacity in just a few hours.

There are comfortable commuter styles, mountain bikes, and hybrids. Customized settings and fully-integrated technology help make these bikes work specifically for you. Or choose a basic model for all the benefits without the bells and whistles. You can also choose your preferred look – from vintage-style to futuristic appearance!

With so many options, how do you find out what is best suited for you? Ask the experts! Quantum ebikes recommend considering power, autonomy, weight and design, as well as intended use. They’ve got a handy chart so you can compare and evaluate products to make informed choices. And you can (and should) test-ride before buying! The Quantum team will consult with individuals to help educate and guide customers through the process of discovering the perfect electric bicycle.

Getting an electric bicycle is a win-win-win decision, so grab those handlebars and get ready to ride!

P. Hopwood

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