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Stromer ST1 Elite – Special Sale

• A true icon in the world of electric bicycles. A simple, efficient, and powerful beast.

Gearless 500 Watts M33 Motor with a solid 40 Nm of torque. Perfect for your commuting needs. A torque sensor motor that will render your rides smooth and effortless, despite this motor’s awesome power.

Stromer’s internationally acclaimed 522 Wh BO522 Battery keeps its charge for up to 100 Km. Or, if you need a little extra juice, the BO630 630 Wh battery is available as an extra, keeping its charge for up to 120 Km

Carbon fork; 9-speed Shimano Sora derailleur

Last 2017 model in stock; 16.5 inch ‘Comfort’ model, ‘Step-Thru’ style frame. Don’t miss the opportunity of owning this iconic electric assisted bicycle!

reg $4199 now $2995 - 522 Wh

reg $4399 now $3295 - 620 Wh

Technical details

Stromer ST1 Platinum

• Once again, Stromer has re-established an industry standard with the ST1 Platinum, a model that distinguishes itself with its striking design, superior quality, and ease of use.
• A 500-Watt gearless motor produces 48 Nm of torque, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 45 Km/hr. Despite this impressive power, this torque sensor motor is extremely quiet and smooth, offering a thoroughly enjoyable ride.
522 Wh removable Stromer Lithium-Ion battery will allow you to reach distances of 90 Km. For those riders who need a bit more juice, Stromer offers another battery with this electric bicycle, a 630 Wh version allowing you to reach distances of up to 120 Km.
27-speed Shimano derailleur, coupled with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes render this e-bike a smooth, seamless machine.
Adjustable Suntour suspension on the fork, guaranteeing a comfortable ride throughout. Come by our shop and get it fitted to suit you specifically.
Two models are available: the ‘Comfort’ model, with a 17 inch ‘Step-Thru’ style frame for those who desire convenience and the ‘Sport’ model, with either 17 or 20 inch frames and a more traditional horizontal frame.

$3595 with suspension: $3895 - 522 Wh

$3995 with suspension: $4395 - 630 Wh

Technical details

Stromer St1 X

• Stromer finds itself yet again setting the industry standard in its design. The ST1x comes equipped with a striking design, with several stunning colours available to you: a metallic orange, the classic Stromer black and finally, the new, ‘Champagne’ colour.
Cyro Drive 500-Watt motor, with 35 Nm of torque. This torque sensor motor tames this beast, providing a smooth and quiet ride despite its impressive power, allowing to reach speeds of up to 45 Km/hr.
Stromer’s world renowned battery. The BQ618 battery with 618 Wh will allow you to travel distances of up to 120 Km, while the BQ814 814 Wh battery can reach up to 150 Km.

$6125 - 618 Wh

$6749 - 814 Wh

$7249 - 983 Wh

Suspension fork $599

Technical details

Stromer ST2

• Stromer has ushered in a new era in electric assisted bicycles; the ST2 seamlessly integrates digital connectivity to Swiss efficiency. An efficient beast that is an ecologically friendly mode of transportation.
Two models are available: Comfort, which is sized at 17 in, while the Sport model comes in 17, 20 & 22 inch sizes.
500-Watt SYNO motor delivers 35 Nm of power. Perfect for any of your commuting needs. This torque sensor motor provides a quiet, smooth ride despite its impressive power.
The world’s first digitally connected electric bicycle. The OMNI user interface is entirely integrated, offering real-time geolocation services that easily managed by a simple, easy-to-use app available on your smartphone, via iOS or Android.
11 speed derailleur; Carbon fork.
Stromer’s internationally acclaimed battery. The ‘Gold’ battery, with 814 Wh will keep its charge for up to 150 Km, while the 983 Wh battery will keeps its charge for up to 180 Km.

Price: $8249 - 814 Wh

Price: $8849 - 983 Wh

Suspension fork - $599

Technical details

Stromer ST2 Limited Edition

•The world’s most exclusive electric bicycle. Stromer has created another pearl with this beautiful and elegant design.
Only 20 bikes will be available for the North American market. .
We here are Quantum eBikes, are fortunate to distribute this rarity of an e-bike. One size is available at 20 inches, in an aluminium frame.
• Each bicycle is uniquely identified with a numbered badge. All of the revolutionary features found on the ST2 are here: first class components, a striking visual appeal and industry leading performance.
• A limited-edition Cambium C17 Brooks Saddle will guarantee your comfort for this limited edition electric bicyle.
• Each owner of an ST2 LTD receives a gorgeous bottle made with a single piece of high-grade aluminium.

Price: $9,999

Stromer ST2 S

• Widely considered to be one of, if not the best electric assisted bicycle there is today.Stromer established an entirely new class of luxury, premium e-bikes with the ST2s. This electric bicycle was built with the absolute finest components available on the market, leading to the well-deserved Ferrari comparisons many have levied. Treat yourself to a unique experience and come see this marvel of technology for yourself at Quantum eBikes.
• A 500-Watt motor with a remarkable 40 Nm of torque. This Syno Drive torque sensor motor will amaze you with its quiet efficiency; barely a sound is heard from this beast of a motor.
• A 983 Wh BQ983 battery will keep its charge for distances of up to 175 km, opening a word of possibilities for your commute. This is Stromer’s most powerful battery, so it is fitting to see it aboard its flagship e-bike.
OMNI User Interface. This wonder of Stromer’s in-house technology is fully integrated digitally, offering real-time GSM, GPS and geolocation services. Easily managed by the Stromer application, available for download on the iOS and Android platforms. This app allows to lock the user interface from afar.
• An 11-speed Shimano Alfine derailleur will change your life . That may be an exaggeration, but it will change the way you shift gears. This electronic shifter allows you to smoothly switch gears at the press of a button. A carbon fork completes this stud of a bicycle. An extremely light material that which can handle long distances.
Only one model is available: a horizontal ‘Sport’ type frame comes to you in 17, 20 or 22 inch frame sizes, coated in an elegant metallic grey.

Price: $10,999 - 983 Wh

Technical details

Stromer ST5

• Stromer’s newest entry to their lineup. A sharp, stunning design couple with Stromer’s legendary technological prowess will undoubtedly further its reputation as an industry standard. Available by special order in July 2018.
• A SYNO Sport 850-Watt motor with a massive 48 Nm of torque. This torque sensor motor ensures a smooth ride despite its impressive power. The ST5 is the only Stromer model with their new ‘Sport Mode’that is activated at the push of a button.
•A 983 Wh BQ983 battery comes equipped with the ST5, one that is easily removable at the push of a button. This battery will keep its charge for up to 175 Km. This is Stromer’s most powerful battery, so its no surprise to see it fitted within this model.

Price:$11,999 - 983 Wh


Montana has been designed for users looking for a lightweight and sporty bike. This extremely rolling model has an elegance and equipment that will rekindle the pleasure of traveling in the city and on the roads.

out of stock

Technical Details


Néomouv – Nova

• Néomouv releases its ‘fitness’ model. A perfect blend between a sport bicycle and a daily urban commuter, this electric bicycle’s sleek design makes it one of Néomouv’s more attractive models.
Powerful, pedal assisted Brose German motor. This torque sensor motor has a whopping 90 Nm of power. Despite its impressive power, it is largely considered to be the most silent motor on the market.
• A 36 V Panasonic 13 Ah battery offers up 85 km of autonomy.
Four levels of assistance are available; easily managed by a multi-function, removable LCD screen on the handlebar. A USB port is also equipped here.
9-speed Shimano Deore derailleur, couple with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes render this electric bicycle safe and efficient. A Royal Gel saddle ensures that you enjoy smooth and comfortable rides.
• Aluminium frame available in two sizes, 45 or 48 cm. Comes in two striking colours, either an anthracite grey or a pearly white.
• 5-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on parts, the battery and the motor.

St1 elite les bicyclettes électriques blanc et noir


In developing the E-Sub Tour Men, Scott thought of men who want a bike for daily commuting. But this bike will also be comfortable on more difficult roads. It allows you to ride long and worry-free and carry business on your Racktime Custom luggage rack. The Bosch battery 400 W / h, can be installed and removed easily and recharges in three hours. The Bosch Active support engine provides real-time information on battery life, lighting control and odometer reading. The bike comes in several sizes small, medium, large, available black and blue color.

Price: $3995 $3495
1 size availble L

Technical Details

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