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The leather saddles, by Gilles Berthoud

Hand made leather saddle whit remarkable quality, exceptional beauty

Gilles Berthoud leather saddles are made from high quality materials, with extreme attention to details. Each cowhide is manually selected for its appearance and quality, and it undergoes a natural process of vegetable oil-tanning. The saddles are made from 5mm thick leather, which molds your bones to your saddle, thereby ensuring a durable comfort, which ages wonderfully. The leather is manually pre-softened, reducing the time you need to get into the saddle. The cowhide is waterproof, thereby ensuring a better and long-term use, as well as an ease of driving.

The frame is made of polycarbonate, thus making it flexible, while retaining its strength and durability; also, the rails are made of titanium or stainless steel. Under the leather saddle, you will find a metal ring, which ensures that, in the long term, the rails do not bend out of the pedaling form at high-torque. On the undercarriage, we can equally find a leather tension system, which enables you, just with a simple Allen wrench, to increase or decrease the leather’s tension, so as to meet your driving needs. The attachment of the leather to the frame is an ingenious system, which uses recessed brass washers (with the name Gilles Berthoud, being engraved on them, using laser) and screws.

While most leather saddles use hammered rivets for the attachment of the leather to the leather saddle frame, the Gilles Berthoud saddle uses another technology, which enables the cyclist to quickly and easily change the leather top, using an Allen wrench.

Each saddle is equally delivered with a serial number engraved by laser on the washer found on its tip.

With an advanced technology and a high attention to detail, Gilles Berthoud saddles are the ultimate choice, in terms of comfort, quality, durability and style, for both experienced cyclists and newcomers.


With a width of 157 mm, and made of a stainless steel rails and a Klick-Fix bag holder, this is the trekking saddle of the Berthoud’s collection. The Aspin saddle is available as natural, brown, black and cork leather


With similar features to the Aspin saddle, i.e. a width of 157mm, it is coupled with titanium rails, thus making it incredibly lightweight. Its total weight is only 425g and it is available in brown, cork and black natural leather color.


This saddle was designed for the road bike, which is evident through its narrow design. With a width of 146mm, the Soulor is delivered with stainless steel rails and it has a total weight of 415g. This model won a prize at the international bike exhibition, Eurobike. 4 color choices are available, i.e. the natural, brown, cork and black color.


Mounted with titanium rails, this model is the lightest of all Gilles Berthoud saddles, with a net weight of only 315g. The Galibier has a length of 278mm and a width of 146mm. It also comes with Klick-Fix bag holder and it is available natural, black, cork and brown leather.


This saddle is specially designed for women, having a width of 157mm and a length of 248mm. It is made with stainless steel rails and it comes with the Klick-Fix bag holder. The Marie-Blanque is available in natural, black, brown and cork leather.


The Mente saddle was designed for everyday commuters, who sought for the perfect blend of comfort and quality. The Mente is slightly wider than the other saddles (180mm) and it has a more comfortable and relaxed seating position, it is perfect for commuters and tourists. It is available in either a black or a natural leather color. .


Open models have a perineal discharge. This leather opening makes it possible to greatly reduce the pressure on the Pudendal nerve, and the perineal zone in general. This greatly reduces saddle sickness, genital numbness and other pains that result due to a prolonged pressure on this nerve, a problem that is already being limited, by the use of a leather saddle.

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