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Five additional reasons for using an ebike in Montreal

A new urban trend; the electrically assisted bikes (e-bikes) are increasingly prevalent in the cities of the suburbs. Quantum’s mission is to democratize the electric bike, so as to satisfy the different human needs.


1- An easy way of doing light sports…

As a matter of fact, though it is an electric bike, one still need to pedal it in order to make it move. The electric system assists the rider by adding the bikes speed via the engine. The bike thus becomes less difficult for those who are not sporty or who have joint problems such as a bad knee or back pain. Climbing sloping street … the coast of Atwater or Berri will no longer be an excuse not to take the bike to do some sports. Result: you will do light sports, without having to put in much effort and without getting to work or at home all exhausted. Rather pleasant!

2- Enjoy a moment of fun…

By being less focused on the pedals, we inevitably enjoy the bike ride more. This thus serves as a very good alternative for visiting a city, a region…. In addition, electric bicycles are lighter than a self-service bicycle … thus; it’s as easy to handle as an ordinary bicycle.

3- Enjoy the latest technologies…

Over the years, the electric bike manufacturers have competed with the most ingenious ideas, in order to offer bike enthusiasts with the latest technology. From bike belts that adapt to the heart’s rhythm to geo-tracking, through bikes with silent engines such as the Montana and the Iris with their Brose engine, cyclists will only have the problem of choice. This is the case, particularly for the Swiss brand, Stromer, which recently released its latest hybrid electric bike, the Stromer ST1X; the highly recognized trendy bikes.

4- An all-round environmentally friendly means of transportation…

Another positive aspect of the electric bike: it does not pollute. As a matter of fact, the latter does not require fuel in order to function. Its ecological impact is thus only limited to its manufacture and when its battery is being charged; more so: some manufacturers now offer solar chargers, so as to avoid the use of electricity. Summarily, these bikes are not only environmentally and health friendly, but they are equally cost efficient. The bike is cost efficient in the long run, even though the investment can be quite expensive at purchase. As a matter of fact, some latest generation models can be billed at $ 2300 per bike.

5- Avoid public transport…

Who would not dream of avoiding public transport? Say goodbye to the subway during rush hour and endless traffic congestion on the road? The electric bike can be the solution to your morning upswing in stress whenever the bus is late, or filled to its maximum capacity. Indeed, the electric bike can easily fine it ways through the city. More so, most bikes are so discreet that you can fully enjoy your ride unperturbed. Furthermore, you can travel faster on a bike than by car, while avoiding traffic during rush hour. Get to your office being as fresh as a rose…

On a bike, on foot, by car or by public transport, it is up to you to choose now.


Come and try it out at Quantum.




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