Powerful and silent - Neomouv eBikes with Brose motors

Smoothly designed neomouv electric Bike lends itself well to modern usage

It is in 2003 that this French company was founded in the region of ‘Pays de La Loire’, famed for its picturesque landscape and excellent cycling opportunities. United by a common passion for electric assisted bicycles, Neomouv designs, develops and manufactures their bicycles in-house. Surrounded by a dynamic team of engineers, their bicycles are at the forefront of technological innovation. 

Neomouv eBike is easily recognizable due to its simple and elegant design, and its premium quality components. They are in close partnership with the titans of the electric bicycle industry, such as Samsung, Shimano, Magua, Tektro, Brose and many other. They offer many types of batteries, with a wide range of power to suit the diverse needs of their clientele. Neomouv eBike is known for its powerful but ultra-silent Brose motor.

What better than a being able to ride long distances with no fear of hills in the city. Or, if you’re in the countryside, give yourself hours and hours of joy with a Neomouv electric assisted bicycle. Quantum eBikes, is proud to distribute Neomouv bicycles offering three models in several colors.