Convenient, easy-to-use electric bicycles for those who desire a hassle-free mounting.

Step-thru or low, Quantum’s E-Bike selection will certainly a model that’s right for you

St1 elite

Stromer ST1 Elite

• A true icon in the world of electric bicycles. A simple, efficient, and powerful beast.

Gearless 500 Watts M33 Motor with a solid 40 Nm of torque. Perfect for your commuting needs. A torque sensor motor that will render your rides smooth and effortless, despite this motor’s awesome power.

Stromer’s internationally acclaimed 522 Wh BO522 Battery keeps its charge for up to 100 Km. Or, if you need a little extra juice, the BO630 630 Wh battery is available as an extra, keeping its charge for up to 120 Km

Carbon fork; 9-speed Shimano Sora derailleur

reg $4199 now $2995 522 Wh

reg $4399 now $3295 620 Wh

Technical details

The Vog D8C

The Vog D8C is the electric bike that looks more like a classic bike, vis-à-vis its grip. It is ultra-maneuverable thanks to its low center of gravity, an attribute that makes it a perfect bike for use in urban areas, as well as in the countryside. Its engine is placed at the center of the bicycle, in the pedalboard, thereby offering a greater stability; a feature which is now shown to be its biggest assets.
The OES technology: the Vog D8C is equipped with the EOS technology that is designed by O2Feel. Based on 3 main elements; a powerful central motor, a smart battery and an intuitive LCD display, this technology has been designed to enable the optimal use of the O2Feel e-bikes. Like the Vog D8, this electric bike has two battery capacities; i.e. the 374 Watts hour and the 504 Watts hour.
The Vog D8C is available in satin gray, glossy white and satin blue colors.

374 Wh : $2295
504 Wh: $2545

Technical details

Iris Brose

Néomouv innovates again and makes you benefit from the best of German technology with the creation of a new collection of VAE equipped with the newest of Brose motors with torque sensor. The Iris is the first model equipped with this last technology of engine ultra quiet, light and without vibration manufactured in Berlin by Brose.

Price: $3295 Epuisé

Technical details

Le velo Kalkhoff

Kalkhoff Agattu B7

The Aggattu B7. Steel frame built in Germany equipped with a Bosch Performance central motor. It comes it 700 rims and Energizer Life tires replete with protection and reflective bands.

A gel saddle, sitting on a suspension equipped seat post, make the Agattu B7 a thoroughly comfortable ride

At Quantum eBikes, we carry several sizes that cover a wide range of height. Come by our shop and get one fitted for you.

Kalkhoff offers a 10 year warranty on its frame, a 2 year warranty on electric components as well as a 1 year warranty on parts

Available in a striking ‘Sea Blue’ mat colour

Price: $2995

Le velo Kalkhoff Agattu B8

Kalkhoff Agattu B8

This bike is easy to use and, more importantly, easy to maintain . The Nexus 7 internal Shimano derailleur, Magura hydraulic brakes, a chain and mud guard all make this electric bicycle a simple and intuitive machine that thrives in daily usage.

A gel saddle, sitting on a suspension equipped seat post, make the Agattu B7 a thoroughly comfortable ride

This bicycle can withstand a load of up to 285 pounds and is equipped with a luggage rack, as well as an air pump saddled to its side

Available in 3 sizes: 26” XS of 45 cm, 700 tires with rims of 50 or 55 cm.

Comes in a splendid ‘Champagne’ colour for all 3 sizes


CityZen C8

CityZen C8

Lightweight aluminum ‘step-thru’ frame, with a ‘sporty’ & precise posture. Frames are available in 46, 49 or 53 cm sizes.

Bosch Mid-Drive Performance central motor, as well as a Bosch 500 wh battery, will allow you to travel distances of over 150 km.

Bosch Intuvia LCD display allows you to effortlessly manage your desired level of electric assistance, with 4 levels available to you: Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo.

• Easily switch gears thanks to the integrated 8 speed Shimano Alfine derailleur that requires minimal maintenance.

• Deviating slightly from Dutch tradition, this bicycle comes equipped with Shimano BL-M315 hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are of premium quality, allowing you to remain secure throughout your ride.

• Returning to its traditional Dutch heritage, this bicycle has classic Dutch features such as integrated lights, chain and wheel guards as well as an integrated café lock.

10-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on electronic components.

Price: $3295

CityZen T10

CityZen T10

Lightweight aluminum ‘step-thru’ frame. Available in 46, 49 cm sizes. The bike fits smoothly on 700cm rims.

Bosch Mid-Drive Performance central motor of 60 Nm. Enough power to conquer the landscape of your choosing; hills, flat terrain, urban cityscapes are all rendered defenseless by this beast.

Bosch Performance Line ‘Li-ion’ battery of 500 Wh will allow you to reach distances of over 150 km (Eco Mode).

Bosch Intuvia LCD display allows you to seamlessly manage the level of electric assistance you desire. There are 4 levels for your choosing: Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo.

Easily switch gears with the 10 speed Shimano Deore derailleur.

10-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on the electronic components.

Arroyo C8

Arroyo C8

• The classic Dutch bicycle takes a modern turn. A typical Dutch design has been modernized to suit our urban needs. A ‘step-thru’, lightweight aluminum frame is available in 46, 49, 53 or 57 cm sizes.

Bosch Mid-Drive Performance motor will allow you to conquer hilly, flat, or urban terrains with ease. The Bosch Performance Line ‘Li-ion’ 500 Wh battery will keep its charge for over 150 Km (in Eco mode).

Shimano Nexus 8 integrated derailleur allows you to effortlessly switch gears.

• A Selle Royale Herz saddle will ensure comfort for the duration of your ride.

• The Arroyo C8 is available in 3 colours: Black Matte, Industry Grey and finally, Legion Blue

10-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on the electronic components.

We carry several of the world’s leading brands, such as
Stromer, Riese & Müller, Kalkhoff, Gazelle, Focus, Neomouv, O2Feel, Scott, Felt, Solex & Quantum.

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