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Travel safely with Küat's
best car bike Rack

Küat Car Bike Rack - An excellent choice for your vehicle

Quantum eBikes is pleased to carry Küat car bike rack – the perfect accessory for your electric bike. Küat products will allow you to travel with your eBikes in complete security.

Founded in 2008, this company never ceases to innovate in their field, consistently upping the ante in car racks. Küat products are specifically designed as such. With a dynamic and exciting team comprised of cycling fanatics & adventure seekers. Küat has found the delicate balance between style and performance. 

Proudly manufactured in the US, Küat bike rack is highly customizable to fit any vehicle. The NV Base 2.0 is built to handle an NV Add-On, meaning you can carry up to 4 bikes with the same basic structure. A slick black matte finish renders this accessory as beautiful as it is useful. And you don’t need any tools to install  it. Included with this rack are fully integrated cable and hitch locks. Gone are the days of fearing for your rack or your electric bike once you’ve parked your car.

Küat is so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime warranty with all every car bike rack, without exception. Come by our shop today to have one fitted on your vehicle.


• Hold 2 bicycles, with a capacity of 60 pounds each. The NV Base 2.0 was conceived with possibility of an optional NV Add-On, which increases its hold from 2 to 4 bicycles without needing to change the base structure of the rack. 

• No tool is needed to install the car bike rack.

• Integrated cable locks 
render this rack extremely safe. Gone are the worries of leaving it attached to your vehicle after you’ve parked.

Come in 2-inch or 1.25-inch hitch sizes.

• Come by our boutique and let one of your specialists install it on your vehicle.

Küat NV base 2.0 'ADD-ON'

• Compatbile with the Küat NV Base 2.0. Easy to add on to the existing rack. 

• Increases the carrying capacity from 2 to 4 bikes. 

• Simple, powerful and elegant. We strongly recommended adding this to your NV Base 2.0