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Are folding ebikes a good buy?

The answer to whether a folding ebike is a good bike depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you are looking for a bike that is easy to store and transport, a folding bike is a great choice for you. Additionally, folding bikes are versatile and suitable for a range of uses, from daily […]

Should I Charge My Ebike Battery After Every Ride?

To maintain the health and longevity of an electric bike battery, it is generally recommended to charge it after every ride. However, the frequency of charging an e-bike battery rely on many factors, such as the type of battery, the level of usage, and the type of ride. Should I charge my ebike everyday or […]

13 reasons why you should buy an electric cargo bike?

Before we delve into the advantages of electric cargo bikes, let’s provide a brief introduction to these amazing vehicles.   What is an electric cargo bike? An electric cargo bicycle is specifically designed to transport heavier loads than a regular bike can handle. To assist the rider in pedaling, it’s equipped with an electric motor, […]

Best Electric Bike Buying Guide – Things To Know

Looking for a pedal assist ebike, but confused about which one to buy? Worry not; we are here to assist you with the ultimate guide to buying an e bike. In this blog, we will take you through all the information you need to buy the perfect pedal assist bike for you.    Understanding the […]

How to keep your bike safe from theft?

A Glance at the Amsterdam Parking Model. The city of Montreal has reported an increase in the number of cyclists on its roads, indicating a growing need for improved cycling infrastructure. The rise in bike usage has been attributed to higher gas prices and a culture that supports sustainable transportation. The number of bike trips […]

Car-Free Neighborhoods: The Future of Living

Imagine a community where cars are no longer the primary mode of transportation but rather a place where walking, biking, and public transit are encouraged. This innovative concept, known as car-free neighborhoods, is gaining popularity as a way to improve residents quality of life, reduce traffic congestion and pollution, and create safer and more liveable […]

What bikes Owners Need to Know to Take Care of Their E-Bike

Owning an e-bike is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and explore your city with ease. However, it’s important to take care of your e-bike to ensure it lasts and operates at its best. How to maintain your ebike is one of the most searched topics among electric bike enthusiasts. If you are a […]

9 Most Scenic e-biking Trails in Grand Canyon State

Arizona is known for its stunning scenery and extensive past. It’s also well renowned for its cacti and desert scenery bathed in sunlight. All of them, as well as more contemporary attractions like biking trails, shopping malls, and theme parks, are available to visitors to Arizona. In Arizona, there is genuinely something for everyone. Outdoor […]

Florida’s 8 Most Breath-taking e-bike Trails

Florida is a cycling haven. A growing network of paved bicycle routes traverse Florida and get progressively closer to important connectors providing hundreds of miles of riding. Rural areas continue to be hotbeds for bicycle touring, and the state’s public lands are dotted with single-track specifically designed for fans of fat tires. Florida is the […]

Which is the best ebike for carrying dogs?

Enjoying outdoor activities with your favorite pet. As a pet owner, you can understand how challenging it can be to transport your furry friend, especially when you need to run errands or go on a trip. Traditional transportation options such as cars or public transportation may not always be feasible, and walking or cycling with […]

Best Tandem Electric Bike: Gepida Thoris Voyage XT 10 Review

Are you seeking the ultimate riding experience with a partner, friend, or family member? Look no further than the Gepida Thoris Voyage XT 10, the best electric tandem bicycle on the market! An experienced tandem rider can easily tell that Gepida Thoris is among the best electric bicycles. This incredible tandem ebike combines the excitement […]

Why are electric bikes better than normal bikes?

As the pleasant weather and sunshine draw near, your mind wanders to the fond memories of cycling you had last year – riding along the scenic bike path by the water, the exhilarating commute to work (a definite highlight of the day!), the weekend getaways in the countryside, and even the quick jaunts to the […]