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Stromer… the intelligent eBike!

Cycling enthusiasts and experts can no doubt confirm this – Stromer is a connected bike, right down to the tips. Let’s take a closer look! The connected models of Stromer electric bike are equipped with GSM, GPS and real-time geolocation services. This quality clearly sets them apart from their direct competitors on the electric assisted […]

Electric assisted bike – My first Gazelle

Buying a Gazelle electric bicycle is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Yes, nothing less! First, let’s get to know each other. I am active, energetic, and in great shape. I like to move, and exercise but ultimate performances and medals are not for me! Let’s say that I would prefer to […]

Factors That Influence Your eBike Range

Motor type, rider weight, wind speed…what else about your e bicycle range ? One of the most common questions that we hear about electric bikes is about the average battery autonomy. In other words, how far you are able to travel with your eBike. This question is quite often difficult to answer, even for the […]

7 Reasons to Own an Electric Bike

Why ride an eBike? In Europe, electrical assist bicycles have been gaining steady popularity over the past decade. However, North America is still catching up with the trend. Electric bike is designed to improve the entire experience of cycling, helping you to go up steep hills and getting to places without perspiring or getting tired.  So how […]

7 Advantages of Quantum CR18 Foldable Electric Bike

CR18 folding bike. It will change your life Having suffered a herniated disc in both my back and neck at the ripe young age of 25, I had to take an extended break from cycling. This was devastating to me. Little did I know that hope would come through in the form of a folding […]

The myths and stereotypes of electric assist bikes

Electric Assist Bikes are here to change the way we commute. It’s time to dispense with the myths and shatter the stereotypes traditionally associated with electric bicycles. Cutting-edge technologies, vast improvements in design and function, and a diverse variety allow anyone to find an electric assist bike that meets their needs. There are more models […]

In Montreal, electric assisted bikes have surpassed cars…

Driving in and around Montreal in a car was already very hectic in 2016, due to road reconstruction works. These circulating conditions will not be rectified in 2017 or in the years ahead, since the city plans to continue the road reconstruction works for long… until at least 2022. Moreover, the road network in general […]

The new Stromer ST1X electric bike, just at the level of its color

The new Stromer ST1X is an electric bicycle that has successfully been realized in all aspects: its exceptional performance and its perfectly integrated design make it a unique high-end engine, on which you will be proud to ride. However, the Swiss manufacturer did not stop there; in order to entice you even more, he bet […]

Stromer: the Swiss electric bike that gives you wings.

“The Swiss Driving Experience With Stromer e bikes” The Stromer electric bike offer an ultimate alternative to cars for urban transportation – fast, elegant and powerful an incomparable autonomy, power and versatility; not only are they good for the environment, they are not harmful to the environment, whilst being chic and stylish. Discover the new […]

The e Bicycles for loungers are here.

Let’s go straight to the point, is playing golf, in a golf cart actually a sport? … professionals walk. Is fishing, with a motor boat a sport? … Hockey players no longer use wooden sticks … technology is evolving, needs are changing, products are increasingly being connected. Cycling is a sport that offers a lot […]