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ABUS Bordo Locks – Perfect for your ebike

ABUS has long been considered an innovator in the security industry since its inception in 1954. This German company has built a venerable reputation by advancing lock models characterized by their trustiness, durability and simple, easy to use design. Whether you are a private citizen or professional, ABUS will satisfy your needs with its wide array of innovative products in home security, transport security as well as commercial security. All of their products are subject to rigorous material testing in state of the art laboratories to ensure their resistance to shock, intrusion and our infamous winter temperatures.

Here at Quantum Ebikes we carry two lock models that will guarantee security for your electric assisted bike. Furthermore, they are equipped with trendy carrying cases that are compact and durable. These cases are fixed to the bike using either screws or velcro straps, the latter offering a greater mobility. The hardened steel mechanisms are covered in a flexible sheathing material to protect your electric bike from scratches. ABUS’ joint construction allows for easy folding of the lock and the premium quality cylinders secure the lock against manipulations such as interlocking.

BORDO  6000

BORDO 6000

The BORDO 6000 guarantees security of your high quality electric bicycles in moderate risk environments due to its 10/10 security rating.

Specs :
  • 5 mm steel bars.
  • Hardened, cemented steel limbs.
  • Set of two keys

Price: 160$



With a security rating of 15/15, this model offers excellent protection for electric assisted bicycles in high risk environments

Specs :
  • 5 mm steel bars with extra soft coating to prevent damage to paintwork.
  • ABUS Link Protection Shield efficiently protects attempts to saw the lock.
  • Bars, housing and supporting elements of locking system are made of special hardened steel.
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock; one is LED-lighted.
  • ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement key.

Price: 220$

Quantum eBikes firmly believes that an ABUS lock is simply the best purchase of an accessory you can possibly make. Considering it comes at a price worth a small fraction of what your recently purchased ebike costs (ebikes are exprensive – for now), this is a no-brainer. Highly durable and borne out of world class German engineering, this compact tool is an indispensable accessory for your electric bicycle.

We carry several of the world’s leading brands, such as
Stromer, Riese & Müller, Kalkhoff, Gazelle, Focus, Neomouv, O2Feel, Felt, Solex & Quantum.

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