60% des cyclistes se disent plus en sécurité sur un vélo électrique.

Cycling comes with its share of risks. Road accidents are a reality, which is why it is essential to take all the necessary safety measures when riding a bike. What many people don’t know is that e-bikes can contribute to safer cycling, although you might think otherwise. Here’s why.

Safety, a priority for cyclists

In a survey (1) carried out in North America, a group of researchers found that safety is among the main criteria for North Americans when it comes to buying a bike. As it should be! Even though electric bikes offer a pleasant ride, while being beneficial to the cyclists’ health and to the environment, the fact remains that they must be used with precaution. After all, electric bikes are subject to traffic laws as, they share the same space with other vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

The electric bike: safer than the standard bike

In North America, 60% of participants said they felt safer on an electric bike compared to a standard bike. Eight times more participants claimed to have avoided accidents thanks to the electric bike, compared to those who believed that the vehicle had contributed to it. According to a study (2) carried out by the same group of researchers, this can be explained by several reasons.

For example, by being able to cover longer distances, cyclists can take longer routes with their electric bike, to avoid unsafe regions. They can also accelerate faster to pass intersections and react more quickly in the event of an incident since their attention can be on the road, rather than on the bike itself.

Quantum: safety first

At Quantum, our customers’ safety is a priority. We take the time to share our expertise as best as we can, to advise you based on your needs and offer you the best e-biking experience possible. Our goal is that you leave with an electric bike that meets your needs, with all the knowledge you need to ride it safely.

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28% des vélos électriques sont achetés pour remplacer une voiture à Londres

Rising traffic congestion contributes to worsening air pollution, delays bus and delivery services, and makes streets unpleasant for pedestrians and cyclists. More and more, big cities want to replace the car to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants thanks to electric bicycles. Discover the case of London.

Road congestion will cost London £9.3 billion a year

According to a 2013 study (1), 70% of the London workforce drove to work during rush hour. The average British driver would spend 124 hours a year in traffic jams. This figure should even increase to 136 hours in 2030. This is equivalent to 18 working days per year spent in traffic.

In the end, between the rising value of fuel, the time wasted in the car rather than being productive at work and the extra cost of transporting goods, traffic jams have a measurable economic impact on the London economy. £307 billion between 2013 and 2030 to be exact.

The electric bike: the solution to replace the car

Faced with the growing problem of traffic congestion in London, the city is turning to more sustainable transport solutions. This is considered essential both for the economy of the city and for the quality of life of its people. The plan is to make London the greatest cycling city in the world by improving its infrastructure and making cycling more accessible.

The good news is that according to a study (2), 81% of Londoners are already able to cycle. This figure could also increase with the diversification of vehicles, such as electric bicycles. Indeed, while 22% of Londoners say they are too old or not fit enough to ride a bike, electric bikes present themselves as an ideal solution to encourage reluctant city dwellers to replace the car. Additionally, the introduction of the bike-sharing scheme, Santander Cycle, is making e-bikes more accessible to Londoners.

Currently, two-thirds of short trips could be made by bicycle to replace the car, and this, in less than 20 minutes. By allowing London residents to make these journeys by bicycle, traffic congestion could be greatly reduced. 28% of electric bike owners (3) would have acquired their own to replace the car.

Quantum, leader in the democratization of electric bicycles in North America

At Quantum, we want to help North America make the same shift to more livable cities through e-bikes. In addition to the benefits to the local economy, e-bikes contribute to a cleaner environment and healthier residents. Are you going to participate in the change?

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Do you hear more and more about electric bikes around you? If so, it’s no coincidence. Indeed, the market for electric bicycles is growing (1) not only in Quebec, but also internationally. And for good reasons: electric bikes have many advantages over traditional bikes, such as saving time. Whether it’s commuting to work or running errands, find out how investing in an electric bike can save you valuable time.

Electric bikes allow you to save 63 hours of time per year

A study conducted in 2017 (2) showed that the median speed of electric bicycles was 23.1 km/h and 18.4 km/h for a traditional bicycle. Thus, trips by electric bike were on average 21% faster than by traditional bike. This amounts to 21% of time saved in transport during the year.

Take for instance that it takes you 30 minutes to drive to work and 45 minutes to return, with traffic. In total, it adds up to 1h15 of transport per day. It is also about 25 hours per month, and 300 hours per year! By investing in an electric bike, this figure drops to 237 hours per year. It’s 63 hours saved, almost two weeks of work freed up in your agenda. What would you do with all this new free time?

Not to mention that in addition to saving money, switching from a car to an electric bike also allows you to increase your level of physical activity. This helps achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity weekly.

Quantum, your ally for a better quality of life

At Quantum eBikes, many clients invest in an e-bike to save time. For many, having more time in a day is an economic advantage. It allows them to save money by doing more, or simply spend more time with their family.

We are proud to have a sustainable positive impact on the lives of our clients and to help improve their quality of life by providing them with the best electric bikes on the market.

Now, are you ready to invest in your next electric bike to save time?


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