Cycling enthusiasts and experts can no doubt confirm this – Stromer is a connected bike, right down to the tips. Let’s take a closer look!

The connected models of Stromer electric bike are equipped with GSM, GPS and real-time geolocation services. This quality clearly sets them apart from their direct competitors on the electric assisted bicycle market.

On a practical level, your bike has a screen that groups together a set of relevant indicators. In fact, you have access to the percentage indicating your battery life, your speed, the level of assistance you receive and the strength of the signal available. For more ergonomics and to adhere to the maximum with your jewel … your electric Stromer, you have at your disposal on Smartphone the MyStromer application. It is available in iOS and Android compatible versions.

stromer electric bike

The application is simple and intuitive. It allows you to lock and unlock your bike remotely using the SmartLock service. In addition, nearby Stromer retailers will be visible on your screen thanks to the app’s GPS map, which also allows you to easily locate your bike.

electric bike stromer

Everything remains under control, even in the event of theft. Indeed, if you ever suspect that your electric bike has been stolen, you can lock the rear wheel by activating “Theft mode” for the application. The front and rear lights begin to flash, indicating a distress mode. You can then easily track your bike on the app’s GPS map.

All of the above features are orchestrated by the cloud-hosted platform: OMNI connect. Indeed, the OMNI functions will be invoked through the application or the touch screen of your Stromer electric bike.

stromer ebikes

Buying a Gazelle electric bicycle

is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Yes, nothing less!

First, let’s get to know each other. I am active, energetic, and in great shape. I like to move, and exercise but ultimate performances and medals are not for me! Let’s say that I would prefer to spend my sporting activities in pleasure rather than in pain!

I love the outdoors; it calms and recharges my batteries! I love to feel the breeze, the sun, the smell of markets or fields … happiness! I also like the urban animation, the proximity, and the city buzz.

I have a sporty husband who, like me, likes outdoor activities, but without question his level of endurance is superior to mine! So, as you can imagine our bike rides were done in this sequence: bike – then a long wait by my darling husband during my extreme effort to join him. Bike some more – another long wait … and so on.

Although he gladly adapted his pace to mine and paused with joy, over time, I came to lose interest and suggested he ride without me.

A few years later, in the summer of 2019, my bike was hanging in the garage collecting dust. Walking and hiking had become my only summer activities, and more often than not without leaving the neighborhood.

The good times spent cycling with my sweetheart paraded like a film: the discoveries of a new neighborhood, or bike path … the landscapes, the stops for an ice cream or a café latté, the bike picnics with our bikes leaning against a tree and the feeling of well-being on the return.

So, was cycling a thing of the past for me? Or limited to riding alone, without my husband? Or again, riding as we had done previously with me not being able to keep up. What if there was another solution?

It was at this moment that I began to consider an electric bicycle but not without certain prejudices: I am in good shape, I am young … I wasn’t sure I had the profile of an ebike owner.

I decided to dig deeper into this idea and went to the QUANTUM eBikes store, the specialists in electric bikes. Their mission found meaning for me: Demystifying electric bikes and making them accessible to everyone.

I was greeted with a smile. They were interested in my needs. I was told the basics of electric bikes. Among other things, I learned that it is possible to ride a pedelec without motor assistance, by simply using the gears – if that’s what you want. And then when you want a little boost, for the climb just ahead or to go faster or further, you then choose a level of assistance. I took the time to learn about eBikes, and without pressure, was presented with high quality major brands, and all very beautiful eBikes.

During this time, I observed the comings and goings of customers in the shop:

  • a client in his thirties using his EAV as a means of transportation from the South Shore to Montreal
  • a young mother who came to get her brand new EAV with a child seat
  • the couple interested in 2 folding eBikes for the chalet
  • a long-term client, who stopped in to say hello to the owners, telling me in passing to have lost 50 pounds since the purchase of his EAV
  • a young couple of European tourists wishing to rent Gazelle electric bike to explore Montreal

All these smiling and happy people. There was a lot of activity and energy in this shop!

And then, I was kindly offered to give it a try on the nearby bike path. Why not? Seeing these customers, my prejudices were starting to melt like snow in the sun!

It was a true revelation! I was won over! If an electric bike allowed me to go outside, improve my physical health and well-being while having fun, then it’s definitely for me !! and maybe for you as well?

My first 45 days

So, I bought my Gazelle CityZen the same day! Why this one in particular?

Firstly, I was attracted by its sporty look, the integrated battery and its ivory color. Then, by the technical characteristics:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Bosch Performance Line central motor up to 32 km/h
  • Excellent autonomy thanks to the 500Wh battery
  • Powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

The following Saturday, my husband and I did our first bike ride, coordinated in unison!

Throughout the summer, our bike rides multiplied, having fun and at times passing him and waiting for him to catch up! A nod to a bygone era!

As my schedule allows it, I sometimes ride my Gazelle on my own, free as a bird and with complete trust and confidence!

For our next summer vacation, we plan to bring our bikes to explore new horizons. We purchased a THULE bike rack from QUANTUM.

I have the wind in my sails, but I will stop here, and save the rest for another time.

I think you will agree that an electric assisted bicycle changes your life, and can solidify a mariage!