Rent the most powerful electric assisted bike that will allow you to see of all Montreal in a day

Neomouv is a French electric bike company well known in Europe, but not as much in the US or Canada. Located in the heart of the Pays de Loire, it has been designing and manufacturing electric assist bicycles since 2003. Quantum eBikes is the first and only reseller of Neomouv brand in North America. We also use Neomouv electric bicycles for our rental services. We have selected two models for our rentals, Iris and Montana, which would please riders with its power, autonomy, and comfort

Neomouv eBikes

About Neomouv eBikes

We believe that with these eBikes you can travel long distances simply and effortlessly. They are perfect for discovering Montreal, allowing to easily ascend any hills and then continuing the pleasure of pedaling. Going up Mount Royal, or cruising around on the canal in the Old Port, this electric bike will allow you to enjoy the city like never before! The assistance and the powerful battery make it possible to travel up to 100 km (with low assistance levels), which means you will be able to see all of Montreal’s attractions, and beyond, in a day! But even without the assistance, this bike feels safe and fun to ride!

Neomouv eBikes rental

The models Montana and Iris

The Neomouv Iris and Montana are equipped with 700 cm wheels, hydraulic brakes, and an 11-amp battery. The central motor voltage is 36 volts, and the torque is 90 Nm – one of the highest in the market. Going up hills or starting up at a high speed has never been easier! Neomouv only uses high-quality components, ensuring reliable and long-lasting bike performance.

Montana is a sport type bike, suitable for commuting on bike paths in the city, and gravel and off roads in the countryside. It has a powerful Brose engine, hydraulic Tektro disc brakes, and a 9-speed Shimano Deore transmission. In addition, it comes with a comfortable saddle and adjustable seat post, a Suntour front suspension fork, and ergonomic handles to pleasantly ride for hours.

The Iris model comes with the same mechanical and electric components, but with a low step-through frame. It is designed for a more upright riding position and comes in XS size, suitable for people of shorter height. The Iris combines comfort and elegance with power.

Brose – Guarantee of Quality in eBike System

For its electric bike system, Néomouv uses Brose motors and batteries. Brose is a German company that has been developing and producing mechatronic components and systems since 1908. Today, it is one of the biggest automotive suppliers in the world – every second vehicle you see on the street has at least one mechanical or electronic part from Brose.

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In 2014 Brose started to design and produce drive systems for electric-assist bicycles. Applying the high standards of the automotive industry to eBike systems, it proved to produce the dt. Companies like Trek, Scott, and Bulls already equip their bikes with Brose engines. Neomouv is now one of 30 electric bike companies powered by Brose.

Neomouv’s Motor

The engine that comes in Neomouv’s eBikes has three different types of sensors: pressure sensor on the pedals + rotation sensor + speed sensor. They detect the weight of a person riding a bike, the velocity, and pressure on the pedals. It allows a very smooth transition between different assistant levels.

The engine is composed of magnesium and aluminum parts, making it a very lightweight (only 3.4kg). It is integrated into the frame and has a very low center of gravity, allowing for a stable and comfortable ride. In addition, it offers no resistance while pedaling in no assistance mode, which feels exactly like you are riding a regular bike. Moreover, Brose has equipped its engine with a carbon belt, which makes it the most silent engine on the market.

Want to try Neomouv electric bikes?

Quantum eBikes store  offers electric bike rentals in Montreal. We are located at 115 Atwater Avenue, right on the Lachine Canal, with a bike path a step away! We are right across from Atwater Market and a 5-minute walk from the metro station. You can rent an electric bike for a short- and long-term period of time, with special pricing available for extended time rentals. If you are staying in Montreal for an extended period of time and would like to easily commute around, avoiding traffic and busy public transit, this option is just for you! We are happy to discuss the long-term rentals and price it at the rate accustomed to your budget.

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Moreover, we have the biggest fleet of electric bikes in Montreal. It means that you can bring all of your family, friends or colleges, and enjoy a bike ride together! What’s amazing about electric-assist bikes is that pretty much anyone can ride them, no matter of their cycling experience or physical fitness levels. The levels of assistance will allow you to catch up with your friends easily – you will never get a feeling of being left behind! As well, our Iris model has a lower step-through frame, making it comfortable to get on and off a bike. Special rates are available for larger groups – we stay flexible with our pricing to be able to accommodate your needs!

Biking a lot ourselves, we know Montreal and its best biking routes inside out! So we would be happy to suggest one for you, depending on the distance you’d like to do or your experience level. We already have a few routes built in the app Strava, which cover some of the most celebrated landmarks of Montreal. Following these routes will help you to safely navigate on the bike path and not get lost in the big city of Montreal.

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When you rent a bike, you are also provided with locks, helmets and bike bags for the rear rack. 2-seat child trailers are also available if you would like to take the little members of your family with you! Reserving bikes can be done easily through our online booking.

Rent your bike today and enjoy the electrified rides! We hope to see you soon!