Discover new ways of commuting with your pet, on an eCargo Bike!

Cargo electric bikes have redeveloped the way we get around cities today. Here are a few other ways of how they benefit our lives!

Becoming Pet-Friendly

Lately, millennials have been changing how we work and how we get around with our furry friends! Plenty of companies offer perks like gym memberships and subsidized daycare to attract and retain talent. Many also recognize that, especially for millennials, dogs are also part of the family. As a result, a growing number of companies such as Google, Amazon and other smaller companies, are becoming dog friendly and allowing employees to bring their dogs to work.

Pet-friendly companies claim benefits such as a stress relief as one of the reasons for allowing dogs in the workplace. Some also say that dogs at work help employees break the ice during tense meetings and encourage socializing more in the office. They also say that dogs improve overall morale and increase employee performance.

Getting around on a cargo eBike – Riese & Müller Load 60

Once the decision has been made to take your dog to work, you will need to consider your transportation options. Walking to work may not be a possibility for an older dog. Or if your home and your work are not within walking distance. And traffic jams still remain an issue in big cities.

In this case you may want to consider an e assist cargo bike as your main alternative for getting around!

Did you know some cities will only allow you to use public transportation if your dog is in a cage or carrier and travelling on your lap? That’s all fine and dandy for a small lap dog. But would definitely be a challenge with a medium or large-sized dog.

A cargo eBike will allow you to save time, beat traffic, reduce travel costs and increase health benefits, for you and your pet. Cargo bikes are reliable and highly versatile. You are able to change the carrier type and adjust its walls, making the ride for your furry passenger more pleasant. There are many cargo eBike options available in the market, but here is our recommendation!

Riese & Muller Electric bike – Cargo eBike

Riese & Müller is the German bicycle firm founded in 1993. They have won many awards for producing electric bicycles of the highest quality, utility and comfort. The company sells a full line of sport, commuter, cargo, compact, and other eBikes that are renowned worldwile for their design and engineering quality.

Riese & Müller Load 60 e assist cargo bikes can carry up to 200kg. Depending on the type and size of the cargo bike, you will be able to take your kids along for a ride and stop for groceries on the way home! These electric bikes have high stability and small turning circle, perfect for the ride in the city and more. All Riese & Müller cargo eBikes come with the full suspension so your dog, along with your other personal things, will stay protected and comfortable. Hydroalic disc breaks that come on all Riese & Muller cargo eBikes guarantee immediate but safe stop, even in the most wet road conditions.

Enjoy the ride! on a Riese & Müller Load 60

Don’t be surprised if on the way home, you are tempted to take a detour to discover a new part of the city with your furry friend. Cargo eBikes make it easy and convenient to commute around, and will encourage you to take longer trips simply because of how much fun it is! Besides, the motor will assist you while you are pedaling. So if you have a bigger dog you won’t get as tired biking around with it.

Whether you’re looking for a means of transportation for you and your dog to travel to work, or simply looking for a way to get around with your furry friend – an electric bike is a great way to navigate safely and securely in and around the city or country.

Your dog will surely enjoy the ride and thank you for not having to stick its head out the window!