The new Stromer ST1X is an electric bicycle that has successfully been realized in all aspects: its exceptional performance and its perfectly integrated design make it a unique high-end engine, on which you will be proud to ride. However, the Swiss manufacturer did not stop there; in order to entice you even more, he bet on the color.

Three vibrant colors

In the main time, it must be said that, during your final choice of the bike; after having detailed your needs and discussed the bike’s performances with our consultants, after having tried the bike, it is the beauty and the color of the bike that will prevail. For the ST1X, Stromer did a great job. This Stromer electric bike is designed in 2 models, i.e. the comfort and sport models and in three vibrant colors.

  • Pure white for purists.
  • The anthracite gray for the classy / stylish
  • The metallic orange for those who do not want to go unnoticed on the streets of Montreal.

At Quantum we love them all. However, since tastes and colors are rarely discussed prior to purchase, it will be up to you to choose. And I bet you, the choice will be difficult.

Visit us

Though it will be preferable to come and take a look at your electric bicycle for real. Quantum eBikes is the electric bike specialist in Montreal. In our showroom on Saint Ambroise Street, you will find the best of electric bikes that are present in the market. Our consultants will take the necessary time, to answer your questions. Though, it is essential for you to try the bicycle, before taking your decision. There’s absolutely no problem, when it comes to trying the bicycle: the Lachine Canal passes behind the showroom and you’ll be sure to safely try the performances of the machine. And even better, in order to ensure that you have a consultant at your disposal for about one hour, you can make an appointment on Monday.

With us, it is service first.

So what color of the Stromer eBike ST1X do you choose?